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Thank you Ms. Mary A for this review of, and specifically the casino side. For those of you not familiar with Bovada, they are a one stop shop, featuring casino, poker, sports betting, horses and more. They are only open to USA players, and their sister site, Bodog, is open to Canadians.

While there is not a “no deposit offer” for Bovada/Bodog anymore, they are very much one of the sites that are worthy of a deposit if you are looking for a place to get a deposit on and make a wager or two. I personally bet on NFL games each week, and Bovada is my top choice. Their wide array of casino games and anonymous poker tables make a nice home for players looking to have some fun and not wanting to take things too seriously.

Back to Ms. Mary A; she’s been a member of our community for a couple of years and has always participated in special events, so I was very happy to accept her into our secret shopper program! Here is her Bovada review, in her own words. Cut and paste, here we come…

Deposit Experience

I had a hard time logging in so I phoned customer service for help and was pleasantly greeted by Michael whom appear to be very willing to help me with my problem in logging on as well as my deposit. He made the deposit very easy.

Slots and Table Games Experience

I played a variety of slots that was offered, some much more fun then others. I tried progressive slots but I don’t think they are good to play unless you have a lot of money to play with. I found 3d slots to be interesting and boring at the same time. I won, I lost.

I didn’t play table games. I’m sorry. Although I looked through your questions before I began, I told Michael I would just be playing slots so therefore I thought I wouldn’t be able to play table game. Perhaps I will try next time. I felt the slots were spinning far to fast to really enjoy playing at a relaxing mood.

We generally ask players in the secret shopper program to play a variety of games so we can get a better review for our other members. That being said, there are more slots than anything else at Bovada, and heck, I want Mary to have fun with her secret shopper money!

Customer Service Experience

As I said in question one I spoke with Michael who was very, very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. I asked about any promo code I may put with my deposit and he shared and offered me 4 different ones to choose from, explaining the play through and other detailed information for each. I was very pleasantly surprised at his patience with me in answering all my questions.

Cash Out?


Overall Thoughts

Definitely sold me on this one. I will gladly recommend to my friends and acquaintances this online casino. I have nothing but great things to say. I attribute my recommendations to the great customer service I was given. I feel that with everything in life we set out to do, bottom line our lasting impression will depend primarily on what type of customer service one receives.

Want to give Bovada a shot? Remember, USA only! Visit Bovada. (Or Bodog for Canadians)

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