Rich Palms Review by Jon S.

My Experience With Rich Palms- 4/25/2020

My wife and I are regular attendees of “brick and mortar”, but due to the Coronavirus situation can’t travel, and are stuck sheltering in place at home like much of the rest of the world. 

We were missing the experience of playing our favorite slots and table games. I was looking around online and discovered the website, and eventually connected with their friendly and informative representative, Keith. He encouraged me to check out their newest site partner, Rich Palms online casino.

Want to try out Rich Palms? Here’s a $30 free chip, simply for registering an account: Rich Palms $30 No Deposit Bonus

I checked out their website for the first time late on a Saturday night. When the home page opened, you immediately are greeted with the message: “250% Welcome Bonus!” Sounded pretty intriguing. I clicked around on the website, discovering the various options: slots, table games, poker, specialty games, live dealer, all of the features we know and love at a casino.

I decided to go ahead and start creating an account with them. It wasn’t difficult to fill out the registration online. You put in some basic info about yourself (name, address, phone number, Email address, created a login and password). They did need a fair amount of documentation:

 -valid photo ID (driver’s license or passport), 

-photos of both sides of the credit/debit card (if that is how you choose to fund your gaming)

-copy of a utility bill with your name/address on it

-a signed copy of a form they provide with credit card/cryptocurrency account info. 

I took pics of all of these things I had them set aside to download or Email to their company when needed. I wasn’t ready to put any funds on the site yet, but I thought everything was in place to do that. After getting all of that done it was getting pretty late, so I decided I would call it a night to start fresh on Sunday morning. Then my wife and I could play some games together over coffee…

Starting with a $50 Credit

The next morning I went back on the site, ready to start gaming. I like being able to play slots and table games in demo mode first to see which ones I like, and how to get free spins, scatters, how much I need to wager $ per spin, etc. 

I wasn’t sure how to do that on Rich Palms, so I clicked the “Help” tab and opened a chat box. “Todd”, a CS Representative greeted me onscreen. (I thought CS stood for “customer service” but it was actually “concierge service”. Fancy!) He was kind of slow responding, long pauses made me wonder if he was still there. I think he was a virtual assistant not a real person, but the end result was great: he placed a $50 credit in my account. I did not even ask for this! I learned that in order to play in demo mode (called “fun mode”) you simply go onto their website and start playing games without ever actually signing in. 

It was fun using the $50 in free play. We started with the slot games Mermaid Queen, Cai Hong, Diamond Dozen, and Aladdin’s Wishes. The graphics on these different slots varied widely, some were childish and basic, other were bright, colorful, crisp. Music varied as well, all sorts of different styles to match the games. I played a LOT of different slot games with my wife: Stardust (mystical fairies), Gemtopia (super basic- lots of precious gems, just match them up), Megaquarium (disco music intro- then it’s schools of fish, oceanic) , Ghost Ship (Pirates Of The Carribbean-ish), Vulcan (metalworking, hammer/anvil), Loch Ness Loot (Scottish themed music and a friendly undersea monster), Builder Beaver (banjo music and beavers building stuff), Cash Bandits (cops and robbers- donuts, handcuffs, safes, flashing police sirens), Lucky 6 (leprechans, irish music), etc.

Making that First Deposit…

Once we had used up all but 90 cents of the $50 in free play, I decided to make my first deposit with Rich Palms so I could take advantage of that 250% welcome bonus. I had just opened an account with (a cryptocurrency site) and wanted to use Bitcoin from there to deposit and withdraw funds for gambling. Unfortunately, I could not get this to immediately work (probably needed to have more than the $50 I had started the Coinbase account with). No worries, I decided I would transfer $50 over from my bank account with a Visa debit. That didn’t work either, as I got a message from the Rich Palms website I needed to choose Mastercard or American Express. Undeterred, my wife insisted I use her Mastercard. Foiled again, that card was declined- but we figured out why- a fraud alert came through on her phone. Once she indicated the charge was legit the payment went through. With the 250% bonus applied, our $50 became $175 to use on the Rich Palms website. Sweet.

Customer Service Phone Call…

We had just started playing one of the specialty games called “Banana Jones” (more about that in a moment) when my phone rang. It was Doris, a rep from Rich Palms. She proceeded to ask me verification questions (Email, phone, address, last 4 digits of the credit card). I learned I needed to have my wife sign the credit card form and send her photo ID, pics of both sides of the credit card. So I stopped my gaming and took care of these things. She sent an Email as follow up, then called a little while later to let me know everything had been approved. Quick and easy- and on a SUNDAY no less.

Banana Jones was not like any type of casino game I had every seen. You didn’t spin reels or pick cards. You wagered from 20 cents-$5 for the chance to roll the dice five times and move Banana Jones (a little monkey with a flight helmet and goggles) along a game board. Some spaces were plain, others had either a snake or a vine (the reptiles never moved, if you landed on one you slid back towards the start of the game path—while a vine gave you a shortcut to climb up the gameboard faster to reach the goal. Reminded me of Jumanji—except it was cute and harmless. You would sometimes successfully reach the temple at end, a room filled with treasure chests. You get to keep opening one at a time until you get three containing the same item (fruit-shaped crystals), then you would win a specified amount depending on you initial bet.  

Another game that was totally unlike any other was called Cubee. You pick your bet amount ($1 or more), then you get to “spin”. Cubee is a cute, square block with arms and legs (think Spongebob with orange fur) facing an ugly, mean looking monster. The bad guy just stands there throughout the game looking at you. A “spin” makes a variety of items/monsters come out of a swirling portal in between Cubee and the monster. Cubee is able to suck up any little green monsters to earn you wins (as long as there are at least three), and he can suck up larger monsters if an energy ball comes through the portal and Cubee swallows that as well (like a Pac Mac energy pill). The more energy pills he eats, the larger the monsters he can suck up, the more money you win. Occasionally a weapon like a club or sword will come out of the portal, these bonk the mean monster on the head. Once his energy is depleted from enough bonks on the head, Cubee moves on to the next level. It’s a fun game, and after three levels you get a certain number of “free spins” and you will win varying amounts.

2nd Deposit – Another Bonus :)

I made a 2nd deposit of $50 to play table games. This time my $50 became $100 with their promotional deal. Not as great as the welcome bonus, but getting 2x the bankroll to play cards was still pretty good. (You have to use up your first promotional deal first before you can redeem a second one, and the welcome bonus money can’t be used on table games, only slots and specialty games.)

The table games felt just like being at the casino- without the other players smoking and drinking all around you. Just you and the dealer. I played Blackjack, Baccarat, and Three Card Poker. Same bets as the casino. But one $1 minimums, so you could play for a long time if you kept the betting low.

Video poker was also an option. I played Jacks or Better. Same deal as the casino. It was fun. Added feature I liked, sometimes if you won you were given the option of a double or nothing bet to earn 2x the win by picking one of four face down cards to try to get a higher card than an upcard.(This photo is after I won $30 on one of those bets, had the option to take a further bet to try to win $60.)

I tried Keno as well. A real fast way to lose your money. I played five games for $1 each, picked 15 numbers and the computer ran through the numbers like a rocket. Money gone in a flash. Pass.

When I was done gambling I saw there was an option to play table games with a Live Dealer. I’ll try this another time, that one sounds like it would be closest to an in person gaming experience.

There are more things on Rich Palms I will have to look into on future visits, including the Rich Palms Club, promotions like tournaments, many other table games (including Poker and all of its variations). There were offers of getting between 100% to 350% credited to match or exceed your deposits. Tempting offers to come back to be sure.


Rich Palms is a fun website, reasonably easy to navigate around on. I got friendly answers to questions via chat box, Email, and (unexpectedly) by phone when they called to verify my account. We spent hours and hours of our Sunday happily playing all sorts of casino games, had a blast. I would definitely recommend Rich Palms to others and plan to deposit here again soon.

I definitely want to come back to find out what these features are all about:

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