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Share the Wealth Drawing
You guys delivered! To jog your memory, I was doing very well recently at Casino Titan, playing our Coyote Cash freeroll. We needed more players to take seats to reach our maximum prize pool of $600. I reached out to our community and the response was solid! Casino Titan was satisfied with the results, so I was awarded a 1st place prize of $300.

Long story short, I have $150 to give away, as promised.

I don’t want to make you jump through a lot of hoops to get it, so a simple drawing will do the trick. I would like to grow our community though. A vibrant growing community just ensures more freerolls and bonus chips down the road for our entire group. Spread the word and I’ll get your name in the hat for this cash drawing.

In the Spirit of Sharing…

Use social media buttons found all over our site to like, share, tweet, +1, pin, etc. – You can even leave a comment on any page of our site and I’ll give you an entry for that.

Sharing Stacks!

Earn more entries. I will give you one entry for each way you share our site. So if you like this post, +1 it and tweet it, you would get 3 entries right there. Click one or our no deposit casino bonuses blog posts and leave me some feedback in the comment field. That’s another entry for you.

Let’s be realistic though, and set a maximum of 15 entries per person.

Confirm your Entries

– Email me (info@nodepositbonus.com)
– Let me know where and how your shared.
– Give me a nickname to call you by.
– Your nickname and entries will be recorded on my Share The Wealth – Entry Spreadsheet

Winner Notification

I will email a list of winners to our newsletter list. Make sure you are on it! It’s a free community newsletter that I use to email everyone when we have new bonuses, tournaments and contests.

Free Newsletter Sign Up

Draw Date and Prizes

I will do the drawing on May 15, 2014. I will take entries up until I actually do the drawing, but to be on the safe side, try to get all of your entries in by May 14th.

The $150 will be split into 6 x $25 prizes. As in the past, I prefer to send the prizes out via speedy online methods such as paypal, amazon.com credit, etc. – I am certainly willing to email back and forth with the winners to figure out a method that works.

Get to sharing and good luck!


  1. GodzAmongKingz says

    I think that is so awsome.Great job! I love this site it rocks!

  2. Debbie Stoner says

    OK I am doing just what you requested for me to do….that is to let you know all of the places I left my fingerprints, so to speak!!! So I might get a couple of extra entries for a piece of your pie. By the way, if no one has told you, it very sweet of you to share. I am a big believer of paying it forward whenever possible so maybe I can grab me a little somethin’!! LOL!! Anywho….I “liked” your site on Facebook, I am writing you this note and I told my fellow casino players (2 to be exact) about your generous offer!! Of course, being casino players I am sure they won’t be able to pass up a little game of chance! So I am not sure how many entries this may get me, I will leave that for you to decide :) Oh yeah, almost forgot..I LOVE this website, it has enabled me to play A LOT of different casinos for quite a while without hardly any out of pocket costs!! Thanks again. I have had a couple of lucky hits in the past on progressive slots, even hitting the progressive twice at the same casino, on the same slot machine as the first!! Man is that FUN!! I will include my email address with my signature below. I look forward to hearing from you soon (hopefully $25 richer!).
    Debbie Stoner

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thank you for the kind comments and yes, happy to drop your name in the hat multiple times! Let’s do this:
      Nickname on the spreadsheet: DebbieS
      Facebook like: 1 entry
      Comment here: 1 entry
      Told 2 friends: 2 entries
      Crossing my fingers your friends come check us out: 2 entries

      So, 6 entries and a big thank you! Fair? :)


  3. FunSeeker says

    Oh yes Keith, your site is the best there is! Doesn’t get any better, anywhere! Kudos to you!
    I’ve shared on the following: liked on Facebook, and twitter /Stumble/ Pinit are DONE! I’ll be posting in several forums too.
    Thank you for all you do for members! Much appreciated.

    • Thanks FunSeeker. :) – 5 entries for you so far. If you do manage to post about this in other forums without getting banned, let me know? Happy to award extra tickets for that!

      • FunSeeker says

        Ok, check your email, I’ve sent two links to forums where I posted…woot!

  4. Thanks for the info on the no deposit sites. I’ve forwarded this e-mail to my brother who plays on several sites, and sent texts to two co-workers. I’ve been doing the no deposits for several years. Thanks again. Screen name on most sites is seadrinks.

    • Hi Charles – I’ve credited you with 1 entry for emailing your bro. Two entries for texting your two co-workers and 1 entry for the comment here. Thanks for spreading the word and good luck to you sir!

  5. dude really who does that give moneyback yur sum kinda awesum pawsum yur DA man for making creative ways to get through to people right on…..

    • lol @ awesum pawsum :)

      A ticket for you for commenting and a bonus ticket for making me laugh. We had a really good response, with people taking seats to make sure we got our minimum needed for the big prize pool. Paying it forward. Thx!

  6. Keith

    I don’t know you personally, but i want you to know how much I appreciate all that you do for this site and all the viewers! I always look forward to your friendly emails and keen, no nonsense advice contained within them, and now, after reading this last one and clicking on this link i am once again surprised by your generosity. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but your kindness and willingness to help others is a breath of fresh air. Simply put, you are a good person Keith, and I think I speak for everyone using this site when I say that YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

    Thank you again, and keep up the good work my friend!

    Daniel from North Georgia

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for the comment. I try to walk that fine line between so much emailing that it comes across as spammy, vs. sending out enough to keep things rolling here. So your message is especially appreciated. :)

      North Georgia eh? I was born in Chattanooga and lived in Ringgold, GA. until I was 4. Much of my extended family is still there.

      Two tickets for your comment. Let me know if you liked, shared, tweeted, etc. and I’ll make sure you get all your entries credited.

      Go Dawgs!

  7. Regina Joiner says

    I have to completely agree with Debbie S. I would have my prints all over any website that would listen but alas I am virtually computer illiterate as Keith can attest to lol, I made my very first deposit and although I tried and tried I couldn’t get either site to say yes we have your deposit please enjoy one said they had never heard of me and the other said I hadn’t made a deposit, I was new to nodepositbonus.com and assumed (I know, I know- lol) that Keith was probably just in it for money and to my horror now I sent him a vey angry email r/t this situation. Not only did he get right back to me but he would NOT stop digging until a month and at least a dozen emails later way after I had given up he FOUND not only the 25.0 deposit I had made but the money I had won while using the money I had deposited while playing looking at the screen of the Top Game version of their site. Keith I’ve told you thank you many times but I want anyone who sees this to know that you sir are a rock star. So I’m going to enter my name but I’m leaving you with the money you didn’t just win but have more than earned for all of us.

    • Hi Gina,

      Very glad to have been able to help. While I was fortunate enough for the gaming industry to morph into a full time job, everyone who knows my story can tell you that I started as a poker player with $10 no deposit bonuses and a poker strategy book. With that background, I still approach everything from a ‘player first’ perspective as best I can.

      I have had varying degrees of success with “player advocating”, and it was great to be able to help you and see you locate your missing funds.

      Oh, and two tickets for your comment! Good luck, and if you win a $25 prize, you HAVE to take it. Have that doubting husband of yours email me and I’ll get him into the drawing too. :)

  8. Hi Keith,
    I like your site
    and here is my mind about you – you are right guy!
    Best regards

    • Hi Nelea. Thanks! I saw another comment added to another one of my new offer posts. So, two tickets and counting. Good luck. :)

  9. Hello Keith,
    Love the site, and always nice to get an email with all the wonderful news and bonuses from different casinos!
    Keep up the good work,

  10. DOEcDOE says

    OMG !!! I could not agree more with all of the comments above –congratulations on your win –so generous of you to share -a righteous guy -God Bless !!

    • Thanks Connie! Great to have you in this draw. How’s the weather up there in Windsor this time of year? It’s almost swimming time in my backyard.

      Good luck in this draw. :)

  11. tiffany ladine says

    Saring is caring!!

  12. tiffany ladine says

    WOW I misspelled sharing is caring spread the wealth ! What comes around goes around!Thanks Keith

    • Heh, it was almost midnight my time, so creative spelling is 100% allowed. Coach says off the bench and into the game. Good luck Tiffany. :)

  13. passionatelady says

    thanks for thinking of those of us who didn’t win.

  14. No Deposit Bonus.com ROCKS!! Keep up with the great-job ur doing!! THANKS!!

  15. No Deposit Bonus è il TOP!!! Grazie Keith!!! è una passione!!! thanks from italy!

  16. i’ve bin typing and sharing but my post here is no where to be found ;(

    • Hi Velmar,

      I have to approve posts, unfortunately. Otherwise we’d be inundated with spam comments and links. At any rate, you are approved and an extra ticket tossed your way for your trouble. :)

      Good luck in this draw!

  17. Hi Keith,
    I like your site and always nice to get an email with all the wonderful news and bonuses from different casinos!

    • Thx Doniit. :)

      Man, I would love to visit Italy. I bet Italy in the month of May is one of the best times, eh?

      Good luck in this draw, and thank you for chiming in!

  18. I want in on some free money!

    • Haha! I’m counting up last minute tickets right now and will do the draw here in a few. Gotta have my kids in their gymnastics class at 5, so I’ve got to draw before then, eh?

      Good luck Aaron. :)

  19. uutgrunn says

    good morning Keith,

    can you tell ur fans ;) at what time u will draw?

    • Hi UUTGRUNN,

      I’m tallying up last minute entries and will do the draw as soon as that’s done. I’m on central time (CST). It’s almost 2:00 p.m., so surely I’ll have it done by 2:30.

  20. uutgrunn says

    hi y’all, good luck to everyone in the draw. i was wondering, still time to get an extra ticket by posting this comment here?
    i’ve bin vissiting lots of blogs/communeties enz but there not one like this guys
    this really is the best here, believe it or not. no where they have as much freerolls and free drawings or no deposit bankrolls as we get here. if i would win a freeroll or generate a big win i will also share a part of it here.
    again,…. GOOD LUCK to all

    • Sure enough. An extra ticket for you! If you ever want to run a contest on our blog, I’d certainly be open to ideas. Just email me and we can work out the details. It would be generous of you!

  21. FunSeeker says

    Is everyone as excited as I am? Good Luck to all in the draw today! Thanks again Keith for giving us the chance to share your winnings!

  22. FunSeeker says

    Wait for it everyone, tomorrow is the big startup for the next draw! how great is that!

  23. twasi1979 says

    I just found this site. Wish I seen it sooner.

    • Hi “twasi1979”. Not too late my friend. A new contest/drawing starts in about 4 hours. It should be fun. A guessing game. Two “hats” with prizes for each. Get your name in one hat for guessing my vacation spot correctly, and get your name in the other hat for sharing the game with friends. I figure I’ll have another $150 or so to give away. :)

      This link should work in about 4 hours of my posting this: http://www.nodepositbonus.com/special-events/can-you-guess-where-i-am/

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