3000 Reasons to Cheer for Algeria

Algeria 2014 World Cup Logo
I am giving away $1000 if Algeria wins the world cup!

Algeria is my new favorite team in this years World Cup 2014. I placed a small $3 wager on them to win the World Cup outright at Bovada.lv, and if they win against rather long odds (1000-1), then I will cash in a $3000 prize.Up

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Screenshot! (I placed the bet June 11th).


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Why You Should be a Les Fennecs Fan Too!

If I win, you win. As our members know, when I win cash in our private events, I generally give up to half of it back to our community in the form of drawings or contests. (We are already giving away $25 every time Algeria scores a goal during World Cup 2014. Want in? Join our community newsletter.)

So, out here on my limb, I am waving $1000 cash.
Algeria 2014 World Cup Logo
If Algeria pulls off a miracle and wins the World Cup 2014, thereby winning me $3000, I will pass out $1000 to you good people in our next contest.

The team nickname for Algeria is “Les Fennecs”, after their native Fennec Foxes. Who can resist cheering for such cuddly little creatures, eh?

Who is Sofiane Feghouli?

Touted by many as the best player on the Algerian squad, Feghouli has serious skills. Belgium, Russian and Korean players will be icing their ankles after chasing this guy around. The video below is just a few clips of Sofiana Feghouli dribbling by, through and around his opponents.

Does Algeria Really Have a Shot?

Most oddsmakers and prognosticators figure Algeria to finish dead last in this tournament. A few label them a dark horse candidate to advance to the single elimination rounds. From there, anything is possible (albeit, not probable!)…

But hey, if they were favorites, everyone would be betting them right?

A 30 Second World Cup Primer

32 teams play in the World Cup. For the first stage of the event, called the “Group Stage”, teams are placed 4 to a group. Our beloved Algerians in this case are in Group H. Each team in the group plays the other teams once. Teams score points; 3 for a win, 1 for a draw (tie), and 0 for a loss. The two teams with the most points in their group will advance to the next stage of the tournament.

The second stage of the tournament is the “Knockout Stage” and begins with the round of 16 remaining teams. It is single elimination. Win or go home. If a Cinderella team makes it to this stage, things can get very interesting!

Other Notable Dark Horses that Won a World Cup

France in 1998 and more recently, Italy in 2006 were both quite the underdogs who went on to the win the World Cup.

Go Desert Foxes!

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Update – 6/27/2014

Algeria has managed to do what many thought impossible and make it out of the Group Stage of World Cup 2014. They now join the elite group of 16 teams who made it to the Elimination Stage.

What did Algeria do to make it to the round of 16? Algeria played a tough first match against a very good Belgium team and after leading much of the game, eventually lost 2-1. They followed that up by absolutely smoking the Korean team by a score of 4-2 in a game that was never in doubt. That setup their 3rd match against Russia. They needed a draw or a win to advance. When the dust settled, they had managed a 1-1 draw and punched their ticket to move on.

Next up is a formidable German team. Those of you who were following the USA team will know that Germany won their group handily with 2 wins and one draw. They beat the USA 1-0 in their last game.

A bit of revenge is playing into this match, due to what amounts to match fixing back in 1982 by the Germans during that World Cup. The Algerians have never forgot this unproven, albeit widely believed slight, and you can bet the events of 32 years ago will be in the back of the minds of many as they hope the Algerians can pull another upset and continue their improbable quest for World Cup glory.

Algeria and Germany will start kicking it around on Monday, 6/30/2014, with Germany the heavy favorite. (What else is new?)

I, for one, am just happy my $3000 hopes are still alive.

Final Update

Algeria played a truly heroic match against Germany, taking them to extra time where they eventually fell 2-1.

Algerian goalie Rais M’Bohli was voted “man of the match”, even in a losing effort. Time and time again he kept Algeria’s hopes alive with extraordinary saves.

While my $3000 wager fell short (so no $1000 contest for our community here), we were able to give away $175 total, by drawing a lucky $25 cash winner every time Algeria scored a goal during their games.

A big thank you to all of our community who followed along. I think we created a few soccer fans!


  1. Sofiane Feghouli scored a goal in the first half and Algeria held onto their lead for a good while. It was obvious Algeria was tired and fading fast as Belgium scored two goals near the end of the game to pull out the win.

    Belgium was considered by most to be the best team in Group H going into FIFA World Cup 2014, and a popular ‘dark horse’ to make a deep run in the tournament. It was good to see Algeria play a close match against them.

    A win against Belgium would have been HUGE, so I am a little disappointed after getting my hopes up as the 1-0 score continued to hold as the minutes flew by. It was a good showing from the ‘desert foxes’ though, and hopefully they can score wins against the other group H teams in the coming days!

  2. I am giving away $25 every time Algeria scores a goal. It is a simple drawing for anyone who wants their name in the hat. Join our newsletter to be notified of winning, and to get into more crazy contests and drawings.


  3. FunSeeker says

    Wow, another great contest. How great it’s gonna be when you win Keith WOOHOO! Best of luck!
    I’ve twittered it already

    • Thx! I’m also in a bracket freeroll at Bovada. (I picked Argentina to win it all in that one), but what a massive payoff if Algeria wins this thing! I would be crying that I didn’t bet $1000 and become an instant millionaire, heh.

      We’ll see. The game against Belgium was encouraging. The winning goal by Belgium followed from a ‘fast break’ counter attack after Feghouli was working the ball past defenders towards the Belgium goal, only to be taken down by a Belgium defender (De Bryune). It could have just as easily been a foul and penalty shot chance for Sofiane Feghouli. If he makes it, then its 2-1 Algeria’s favor.

      Russia and Korea are the two other teams in this group besides Belgium and Algeria. Russia and Korea’s game ended in a 1-1 draw, proving that Russia isn’t going to walk over the competition either.

      Bottom line, its one of the weaker groups overall, and that means Algeria has a better chance at pulling out a win or two.

  4. Today, 6/26/2014, Algeria holds their own destiny in their hand.

    A win vs Russia and they will advance to the next stage of the World Cup 2014.

    A draw vs. Russia and they should still advance. (Barring some crazy scenario where South Korea blows out Belgium by several goals. Highly improbable!)

    A loss to Russia means Russia will advance and Algeria packs their bags.

    One time!

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