Can You Guess Where I Am?

I am taking some much needed vacation time with my wife & kids, my parents and even my mother-in-law. I will be checking emails periodically, but where I am going, internet service is not always that reliable.

Just for fun, see if you can guess where I am. I’m providing three pictures below. The third picture is a dead give-away in my opinion, if you recognize the woman singing in the picture. She’s really well known for her BIG…voice! Among other things.

As of this posting, I am currently # 1 in our latest Casino Titan $300 freeroll. I will be using at least half, if not all of my winnings to fund this drawing.

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How To Enter this Drawing

Hat # 1 – Guess the name of the town I’m visiting. It’s in the continental USA. Email me your guess after looking over the three pictures below!

Hat # 2 – Share this contest. You knew I’d toss this one in here, right? Sharing our contests with friends on facebook, forums or even your local poker game is the best way to keep our community hopping, interesting, and fun.

Sharing “Hat” Spreadsheet

So use the social buttons on the right hand side of this page to share. Email me and let me know you shared and I’ll make sure your name is in the hat.

(Tickets stack in hat # 2. Share, like, refer friends, comment on other pages of our site, etc. and get your name in this hat up to 15x!)

Get Your Name in Both Hats!

There will be separate cash prizes for each “hat”, but I’m happy to get your name in both. Just guess the town correctly and share this drawing and I’ll make sure you are in both.

Take a Look – Make a Guess

This is from the deck of our cabin.

This ‘Old Mill’ is well known for excellent Southern Style cooking…

Finally, this pic is the dead give-away that I mentioned. You can enjoy a meal while watching a horse show here. It’s a Dolly good show if you Parton the pun.

Good luck with your guesses. I will be back Friday (5/23) to do the drawing, and I will notify the winners via email, so make sure you are on our free no deposit bonus email list.


  1. cambaby2 says

    thank you for the contest!

    • Always welcome Carrie. Thank you for always joining in and participating in our community. You got into this one early! less than an hour after the post went live, according to the time stamp.

      Keeping those late hours. :)

    • deanna clark says

      Im pretty sure i can tell u where your at. I dont want to post it though lol. How do i tell you?

    • Branson, Missouri for sure and if you are having pancakes you are probably at an IHOP (International House of Pancakes).

      Have a great time!!!

      • Hi Vicki,

        We were actually at the other area that Dolly Parton is well known for. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN. :)

        There are a ton of Pancake places around there. We enjoyed the Pancake Pantry the best. Makes me hungry just thinking about it…

        I’ve got you in our ‘sharing’ draw though, simply for commenting here. Thank you for participating!

  2. Yves Hofman says

    Hi Keith, i think i know your holliday destination.
    Branson, Missouri, Is that correct.

  3. FunSeeker says

    Thanks again Keith for another fabulous contest. You are the greatest! and this is the greatest forum!

  4. Rebecca Linksz says

    You’re in ***!! Have a great time!

    • Thanks Rebecca. Having a great time already. We have a pool table in this cabin, and I spent most of the evening trying to teach my 7 year old and 5 year old how to hold a pool cue. Fun stuff. :) – Give them a couple more years and they’ll be smoking me.

      Oh, and edited your reply so as to not give away the answer.

      Good luck in the draw and thanks for leaving a comment!

  5. Hi Keith!
    You are at

    Weather in ***
    is Mostly Sunny 59°F

    Have a nice time!

    • Impressive Nelea. Correct guess and even got my weather report!

      Its a bit cool for this time of year in this location. I edited your comment so as not to give away the location, by the way. :)

      Good luck in the draw!

  6. Roland Nonato says

    Hello, I’m guessing ur vacation location.
    I think ur at… (edited)

    • You were correct Roland. I edited your guess so that it doesn’t give away the answer.

      Thanks for swinging by and leaving a comment, and good luck in the draw!

  7. FunSeeker says

    Let the contest begin. Thank you again Keith for giving us another great contest. This site is the greatest! (Reposting, as not sure what happened to my first one from earlier today)

    • Hi ‘Fun’. :)

      Thanks for the kind comments and the tweets. I’m a little slow on the comment approvals. We drove up today, and got settled in. Just now checking out this slow internet connection. But when you’re in a cabin in the mountains, I suppose any connection is good, no?

      • ferell barner says

        Nashville tennessee

      • Not quite Ferell, but you got the state right. :) – We were due east in Pigeon Forge, TN.

        If you enjoy good food, dinner shows, kid friendly activities and cabin rentals, it is a great place to visit!

  8. Dollywood

  9. FunSeeker says

    Ok, I’ve posted at BOTH of the forums I mentioned to you today. Done deal. Don’t get sunburned!
    I wish I was there too. Looks like an absolutely beautiful location for a vacation! Enjoy!

    • It is indeed a beautiful place, especially if you get a cabin with a great view. Even with all the activities and shows, I think the # 1 thing I enjoy the most is sitting on the top floor cabin deck in the morning, sipping coffee and watching fog slowly lift off the mountains.

      For the folks who live there, it’s old hat. But for a “flat lander” like me, it’s a peaceful and refreshing experience.

  10. GodzAmongKingz says

    Hope your enjoying the mountains !Always so much fun!

  11. Somewhere in Tenessee? Nashville or somewhere in Great Smokies?

    • Hi JR. I’ll take “somewhere in the great smokies” as correct. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg is the area where we were, and its considered the ‘gateway to the smokies’ as it sits just outside the national park.

      Nice sleuthing. :)

  12. FunSeeker says

    Hey Keith, 3 more Re-tweets and 1 new tweet, just for you! Cuz you are the greatest and this is the BEST forum!
    Also sending you an email with info on another posting. Woot! Let’s have some FUN!

    • TYVM ‘Funseeker’. :) – I’ve got you at the max 15 entries for this contest now with all of your shares, and referrals from other forums. I greatly appreciate you spreading the word and generating new interest in our community!

  13. Thanks for contest – Unfortunately I missed the cut-off…
    DANG!!! Hope you had a fab fab time!

    • Not too late Scyan. :) – I’m doing the draw today. Sooooo many emails to answer in the inbox, but is considerably cleaner now.

      I’ve got you in for a comment and entry into the ‘sharing’ hat.

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