Cavaliers vs. Warriors – Pick ’em & Win

Warriors vs Cavaliers 2016 Championship
It is an exciting NBA championship rematch this year between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Everyone on the planet knows the Warriors are one of the best teams to ever grace the hardwood, but the Cavaliers have their share of fans and supporters who think that Lebron and the Cav’s will have their revenge.

Who do you think will win?

Pick the winner and you have a shot at a $25 free credit, courtesy of Sportsbetting.Ag and our wallets. To participate, just email me with the following.

1. Your account number at Sportsbetting.Ag (Sign up for Free!)
2. Who you think will win the 2016 NBA Championship? Warriors or Cavaliers?


Staggered Prize Pool (Let’s be fair!)

Most of the money is on the Warriors. I’m starting this contest late, and the Warriors have already won game 1, in the best of seven series. So, to be fair, there is a better chance you will win a prize if you select the Cavaliers and they pull it off. Here’s how.

There will be $100 in the Cavaliers draw. If they win, and you picked them to win, you will be in the running for one of four $25 free credits to your Sportsbetting.Ag account.

There will be $50 in the Warriors draw. Same deal here. If you pick the Warriors and they win, you will be in the draw for one of two $25 free credits.

Confident? Place a Wager!

A big thank you to for helping us run this contest! If you want to make a wager on the NBA playoffs, this site is a great way to do so. Here is a screenshot showing the upcoming game and odds. Sign up is simple and you have access to sports, poker, casino, horses and a whole host of other things to bet on.



  1. funseeker says

    Well it could be anyone’s game! GL to all

    • I’m hoping the Cavs make a series of it, but they have been dominated so far. :( – Even with Curry (best Warriors player) on the bench.

  2. funseeker says

    It sure is a nail biter at this point! :)

  3. funseeker says

    things are looking a bit better for Cavs lol….

  4. funseeker says

    and whoppies! I chose the Cavs and they won! weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    How great is that!

    • Congrats Helen. Against all odds! I’ll be drawing and paying winners today. I am not sure if we even had 4 total pick the Cavs. Congrats to Lebron and his teammates for making history!

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