Coyote Cash $300 Freeroll – May 2014

Coyote Cash Slot Game Freeroll
Casino Titan is running another $300 Coyote Cash slots freeroll for us. I’m pumped about this one, given that I won the last one and earned a nice payout for doing so. This is the casino where I won the $300 cash, and am giving away half of my winnings on May 15th. Casino Titan is an RTG powered casino and they accept players from all over the world.

Tournament winnings at Casino Titan are paid out as cash, so what you win, you can withdraw.

You need an account at Casino Titan. Follow this link to get $20 free: Casino Titan $20 Free Credits

How to Join our Event!

After creating your account at Casino Titan and logging in, click the tournaments button near the bottom of the main lobby screen. This will load the tournament lobby. Once the lobby loads, you will see a list of available tournaments.

Currently, our tournament is the only “Coyote Cash” tournament. Click it so that you can see the details on the right hand column.

Enter the password: NODEPOSITBONUS to unlock it. Here’s a quick screenshot.


After the tournament is unlocked, you will see the full details of the event, including the buyin and play buttons. You will want to click the “Buy-in” button. It is a freeroll, so this buy in costs you $0.00

After clicking the buy-in button, it will change the play button to a green color and you can click that play button to start your tournament. Here’s another illustration as I was entering today:

coyote cash may freeroll buyin marked up

You will have $5000 credits and a 5 minute timer.

My Results!

I just got done playing my free shot and did very well. I triggered the free spins feature twice. I ran out of time before I could use all of my credits. If you look at my results below, you will see that I still had $1700 credits to burn. Drat! But to be honest, if you trigger the free spins feature two times, you are probably not going to be able to finish your credits before time runs out unless you are just having awful luck and not hitting any scores. Also, if you hit the feature free spins twice, you are probably going to be doing very well on the leaderboard.

I’ve got a great score to start. I have done zero rebuys, so this is proof that you can do well with just the free chance!


Other Tournament Details

Game: Coyote Cash (25 lines)
Start date & Time: May 8th 2014 at 10:00AM EST
Duration: 15 days
Buy in – $0 ( 5 minutes with 5000 credits )
Re-buy – $1.5 ( 5 minutes with 5000 credits up to 100 re-buys per player)

A Good Argument for Rebuys

The prize pool is $300, so if 1st place ends up paying out 50% like that time, that would be a $150 payout. At $1.50 per rebuy, a player could rebuy 100 times to try to finish first. If they did so, then they would break even with a $150 1st prize.

The most I have ever “re-bought” is around 10 times in any one tournament, and I have successfully placed in the money more times than not.

Get started with $20 free at Casino Titan

Good luck!

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