Jackpot! Online Casino Millionaires.

Party Casino has made their 29th instant millionaire thanks to a massive $3,589,344 payout awarded to a player on the Loot’en Khamun slot game in late October. The player was playing on his mobile device, so the win created the biggest ever mobile jackpot winner. The previous record mobile payout was a $1.9 million dollar payout.

The “Colossal Cash” jackpot prize pool has been replenished after the big win and already stands at over $1.7 million USD value. The last two big prizes paid out have both been via mobile devices, so maybe it is time we all looked into our mobile casino options.

A far smaller but still significant jackpot was hit on Fly Casino in the past couple of weeks, with a player named “AC11” from Canada hitting a fat jackpot payout of $63,158.00 on the Super Power Marvel Progressive, on October 24th. The info from Fly Casino noted that the player had made a deposit of $100, played various Marvel slot games and then settled in on the X-Men version. A few minutes later he smashed the big jackpot and was looking at a balance in excess of $63,000.

Turn $100 into $63,000+. Now that’s a nice return on investment!

You can try Fly with a $7 no deposit bonus. Promo: $7 Free at Fly Casino

My Biggest Feature Game Score

As I was contemplating writing this jackpot post, I thought I would look for jackpot worthy games that are accessible to USA residents, since neither Party or Fly allow USA players, of which I am one. I settled on Grande Vegas and found the following games to be very much worth taking a shot at the big win.

USA resident? Access all of the big jackpots below at Grande Vegas Casino

Megasaur Slot Game – Over $1,000,000 progressive jackpot and climbing. Only a $1.25 wager to win it. The only downside is the progressive can only be won during a “Feature Game”.

Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold – Roughly $350,000 and climbing. It only takes a $1 fixed bet to trigger this jackpot. This is one of my favorite games anyway. I seem to trigger a lot of Feature Games on this slot.

Jackpot Pinatas – $1,700,000 and climbing. This jackpot game requires a $5 fixed bet. Sick payoff if you hit it!

Aztec Millions – $1,600,000+ jackpot as I type this. It also requires a $5 fixed bet per spin. Here again, life changing money to a lucky slot player.

I tried the Megasaur slot for the first time and triggered a feature game. At the end of the feature game there was some sort of bet multiplier win. Check out the screenshot. I won $315, which practically doubled my balance. Nice!


Drawing Time!

So, as tradition has it, if I win a decent prize, then it’s party time and drinks are on me. I’m staking four other players to a casino or poker room of their choice to take their own shot at a jackpot.

To enter, simply spread the word by liking or sharing this post. Take a look on the right side of this page for all the ways you can like, tweet, +1, stumble, etc.

Please email me (info@nodepositbonus.com) and let me know how you shared this page so I can make sure I have you in our drawing.

All entries need to be in my November 25th and I will draw on the 26th.

Comment Below for an Extra Entry!

Comment and let me (and everyone else) know of big jackpots ready to pop or huge poker tournaments with large prize pools that you are aware of. Or share your own jackpot story (live or online!).


  1. At Cool Cat Casino, there “Food Fight Slots” Jackpot is @ $88,148.04 !!! I would sure like to hit a JP like that!!

  2. Well thats a impressive jackpot for sure !Cant comment on anything new but if anyone want to see some of my past hits check out the website i posted! Once again great contest!

    • Hi Kidd,

      The link gave me an error (blog does not exist). “casinoscreenshot dot blogspot dot com” is what you linked. Typo in there somewhere? If you can email me the link, I’ll be happy to edit our comments and enter it in. :)

      I had never played that Megasaur slot before, and that was after ~10 minutes of play. Definitely a fan, especially if it doesn’t eat all my money without giving me a few more feature games.

  3. Im playing the MM on Stars – but cant say I have won a beeeg jackpot in a loooong while.

    Need to change that story soon… :-)

    • Hi Sofia – I miss Poker Stars! I played the 7 card stud event during the Spring WCOOP before they closed to the USA. I won my way into that event and it was ~$300 buy in if I remember correctly.

      So what event are you playing? Guessing holdem. Not a lot of 7 card stud players, even when you had the huge population from USA + rest of the world…

  4. Estelle Moore says

    Haven’t enjoy any casino action in quite some time so this maybe just what the Doc would prescribe ;)

  5. Estelle Moore says

    Thanks coach that would be a cause to celebrate for sure eh :)
    for what it’s worth I’ve done a Pin it all so but new to that site so not sure just how it works..
    Oh btw Odds Makers is having a Thanksgiving $500.00 Freeroll Nov 27 for the poker players in house ;)

    • Hi Estelle! Thanks for pinning :) – My wife loves Pinterist for decorating ideas, homeschool ideas, and the like. It’s a good site for just about any interest though.

      Thanks for the tip on OddsMaker. I joined there a long time ago (to look at their horse racing stuff) but have not visited in awhile. I’ll check it out again.

  6. casino website to play bingo games says

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    • Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for the kind words. I removed the link, but added your email at the bottom of your message so that people can certainly email you for more information. Jackpots are exciting, especially this time of year. :)

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