NDB Community Pool *Private*

Welcome to the private NDB Community Pool, for March Madness 2015. If you have found this page, then you have likely already signed up to play in our NDB $100 Freeroll pool, and are looking to double your chances and score more money by playing both pools. (If you have not added your bracket to our public pool, now would be a good time to do so.)

How To Join

1. You need a Yahoo account. Sign in or create one on www.yahoo.com

2. Join our community newsletter. Fuurrrrr-eebie + 1 minute of your time.

3. Password: slamdunk

4. Visit our NDB Community Pool page on Yahoo. Click the “Join Pool” button. Enter the password, and you are in.


Prize Payout Total: $100

We will be spreading the winning purse out a bit. It wouldn’t be a “community” if we didn’t spread the wealth around a little bit, eh?

1st – $45
2nd – $25
3rd – $15
4th – $10
5th – $5

Like your picks? Put money on them at one of these sites:
GTBetsBovada (USA Only!)Carbon Sports

Important Scoring Differences!

We will be using the “Progressive” scoring system for this pool with bonus points for upsets. In most brackets, there is so much emphasis on points in later rounds that many players have zero chance after the first couple of rounds.

With this system, players who make more “right” picks and especially upsets will have a better chance of winning some cash. Here’s a quick visual.


Bracket Strategy Tips

1. If you are not a basketball fan, no worries. Don’t stress too much about your bracket picks. It is not uncommon to see stats geeks labor over their picks and still get beat out by someone who just made random selections.

2. Pay attention to the scoring system. Yahoo’s default system places the main points on picking the champion, while custom pools with “Upset” scoring will require a bracket that is better at picking the Cinderella stories.

You can make as many brackets as you want and enter different brackets in different pools.

3. Take your shot at $50,000. Yahoo.com is giving away $50,000 in their Best Bracket Pool challenge. You will need a speck of luck to beat thousands of people, but you can’t win if you don’t play!

Questions? Want the Password Early?

Comment, like, share, etc. and then email me: info@nodepositbonus.com and I will be happy to email you back with the password so you can make sure you are in the pool before the first tip off.

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