NDB March Madness – Bring Your Best Game!

NDB March Madness Freeroll
You are invited to bring yourself and up to four of your best poker friends to compete in our first ever NDB March Madness. If you and your team have the skills, then cashing in this $100 freeroll and grabbing a piece of the “team prize” is practically a slam dunk.

When? March 30, 2014. 3 p.m. EST. @ Carbon Poker. If you want to play, you will need an account at Carbon Poker!

Congrats to our winning players and teams! We ended up with 11 paid teams and a $55 team prize pool. The pool paid out to 3 spots. Team DOEcDOE4 won $30. Team BEARPLAY won $15. Team ARWEN75 won $10.

Two Juicy Prize Pools!

1. $100 Freeroll Prize Pool – You are taking a shot at cash winnings. It’s free to play and you can win your share of the $100 prize pool.

2. Team Score Prize Pool – Bring your best poker mates! If you wish to compete for the “Best Team” prize pool, check that “Yes” box when filling out the form below. Entry fee for the team prize is only $5. Every dime of that fee will be paid out to the best teams in the tournament.

We are “seeding” the Team Prize Pool with $50 to tip things off. So if only one team registers and pays $5 to compete for the team prize, they will walk away with $50, uncontested.

But…I don’t have any friends!

Get picked up! I have started a thread in our forums. If you are currently “solo” or do not have a complete team, you can post there, leave your contact email, etc. Don’t be shy!

Official “Solo” Pickup Thread

You can take on the world by yourself if you want. Or just you and a couple of friends. Short handed teams still have a chance at winning money in the “Team Prize Pool”, but it will add pressure, as each member will have to do exceptionally well! (View the section on Team Scoring further down).

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Get a Coupon – Get a Seat!

All players entered and confirmed by March 24, 2014, will have a coupon placed in their Carbon Poker account, allowing them to register for the tournament.

Team captains are responsible for making sure all of their teammates take their seat and play in the tournament. Team scores are achieved by finishing ‘in the money’ in the tournament. It is highly unlikely that anyone is going to make it to the money by “sitting out” the entire tournament!

For a list of current teams and solo players, view this spreadsheet: Team Rosters

If you are looking to form a team or pick up a couple of players to fill your open spots, check out the “solo players” tab. Email me and I can help complete your team.

Not sure what you’re looking at? Here’s a quick graphical explanation:
NDB March Madness Team Rosters Help

Team Scoring

– A player must finish “in the money” to score.
– Only teams who have paid the $5 entry fee will be eligible for the Team Prize
– Team Prize pool will be paid out on a percentage basis.
– The final percentages and prize pool will be based on the total number of teams who enter and pay the registration fee.

The amount of money your team wins in the tournament will be your total score. For example, of your five players, 3 of them finish in the money. They win the following amounts: $10, $5.35 and $1.50 – Your team score would be 16.85

A Note on Colluding

While we have a “team” prize pool, please keep in mind that poker is a game of individuals. Similar to an Olympic swimming relay event, the team score counts everyone’s results as a group, but each swimmer swims his or her own race!

Players caught chip dumping, soft playing or otherwise colluding, would not be eligible for any prizes from this event. On a much larger scale, Carbon Poker takes cheating seriously, so players would likely be booted from the poker room as well.

As always, I am available for questions, comments and suggestions. Use the comment box below to speak your mind, or email me: info@nodepositbonus.com

Best of luck to your team!


  1. Wooohooo!! I ♥ these type of things!!
    But I was trigger happy with the clicker and did not add every1 I wanted to add. . . .
    Now what do I do??? *sigh*

    • Heya,

      Shoot an email over to me or pop me a message up in gmail chat. I can edit your team easy enough. :)

      For the record, I see your entry and it has 5 players on it, counting you. (scyanz, bearplay, kikdapoor, godzamongkingz1, zipper200012)

      Are those all correct?

  2. How many team mates can we have? is 5 the maximum? Thx

  3. LOL, sorry, I found it in the 1st paragraph. For the life of me I did not see it. Please ignore my question.

  4. I would like to be added to a team. PLEASE

  5. Going ro run a contest for my top 5 will submit my team on March, 20th. And thanks for running a contest like this.

    Other than my top 5 I am more than certain more people from Your Poker Home will enter individual teams as well :)

    • Glad to have YPH in the mix Anthony. I know you guys are going to do well. I’ll be looking forward to getting your team roster.

  6. Beverly E Wells says

    Several of the casino websites ran a promotiom recently, stating that they needed input from the website members, as to how we would like the prize money distributed in a 20,000 tournament. They stated also that we would recieve an entry into the tournament for participating. Now that I have been able to locate the tourney on one of the websites, when I try to register, it says the entrance fee is
    $50, and I dont have enough credit in my account to register.(?) How do i get registered?

    • Hi Beverly,

      Can you email me all of the details? Basically I need to know what casino and the tournament name/title. We work with a lot, so I may have a good contact to get to the bottom of your issue. At the very least, I’d be able to point you in the right direction.

      Still waiting on that NDB tshirt pic, by the way, heh. :) – I’m joking. Life’s busy! info@nodepositbonus.com

  7. Keith once again you have some how created a really cool event.I will pass it on and will be on a team and looking forward to playing !Thanks NDB

    • Great to have you Kidd. :) – I appreciate you spreading the word. If you (or anyone else reading this) has contest and promo ideas, bring ’em. We can develop ideas, get the casinos and poker rooms to toss in some change to help fund it, and everyone wins.

  8. I have two spots open.
    if any one would like to join my team please email me your carbon nick name and email address.
    my carbon nick name foxiefox my team is lady pokerbandits22

  9. thank you keith
    good luck all

  10. mark pechac says

    i would like to be placed on a team user name is AZMARK

    • Hi Mark,

      Great to have you join us for NDB March Madness. I’ve placed you on Connie’s team (DOEcDOE4). You can view the spreadsheet to verify.

      Good luck!

  11. ray101bassman says

    Like to be added for this game. I need a team please. My user name at carbon is ray101bass4

    • Hi Ray,

      Added you to Team DOEcDOE4. You can view the spreadsheet to see your teammates etc. :)

      Good luck!

  12. ray101bassman says

    or better yet I can be a captain

    • Would be happy to set you up as a captain, if you want to organize your own team? To play for the team prize pool, you would need to send in $5. Connie (DOEcDOE) has already paid her fee, so all of her team members are playing for both the $100 freeroll and the team prize.

      Up to you. :) – Feel free to email me and let me know what you want to do. info@nodepositbonus.com

      • Sorry I thought this was a freeroll please remove me from the team.

      • Hey Ray!

        It is a freeroll. The base prize pool is $100. In order for a team to be eligible for the extra “team prize pool” ($50 guaranteed, paid by me), their captain has to send in a $5 entry fee.

        Your captain (Connie aka. DOEcDOE4), has already covered her $5 fee, so you are getting to play for the team prize pool free of charge as well. Her benefit is your score gets added to her team score. If you all do well, you will all 5 share in the team prize winnings. Your benefit is that you get to play for both prize pools and don’t have to invest a dime. :)

        Right now we have 7 teams entered, so 7 x $5 = $35, but since I am guaranteeing $50 minimum, we have an overlay. There are a couple of other forums who plan to put together a team, so we’ll probably get to $50+ soon. We shall see…

  13. LeanAndMean4

    This team is hot

  14. Can you place me on a team please??

  15. Oh what an awesome team Your Poker Home has assembled :)

  16. Thanks Keith, It’s a pleasure to be a part of this event and ALL that NDB stands for.

  17. Wanted to thank you for organizing this game for us and wanted to wish all good fortune on the felt !!
    Welcome aboard Azmark & 101Bass4 !!

  18. keith my team members wanted to find out if they could get a coupon.

    • Hullo Deb,

      I’ll send in the list of Carbon nicknames on Monday, 3/24. They’ll begin issuing coupons at that point. Everyone should have theirs in plenty of time for the event on the 30th. :)

  19. Team Captain: foxiefox
    Player 1 badonkadonk11
    Player 2 pokerponed
    Player 3 HellFire666stacked
    Player 4 Akorps
    keith my team members wanted to find out if they could get a coupon.

  20. some of our team colenial team didnt get coupons>>>

    • Hi Erik,

      I emailed everyone who did not receive a coupon due to incorrect screen names. About half of them emailed back. Can you let me know which members did not receive their coupon? I can make sure its not an oversight by Carbon Poker. Thx!

  21. ray101bassman says

    Where are we making post on this no one has tried to contact me

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