NDB Riddle Me This Freeroll

Genius Draw Winners: Moistmaker – Vex444 – Steamdude1 | Spread The Word Winners: Estelle Moore – Charles Higgins – Scyan | Please contact me for your $25!

Solve the riddle, and you will have the password for this $100 freeroll held at Carbon Poker. Do not bother using google, bing or yahoo to search for the answer. This one is straight out of my ‘noggin’. I will be providing additional hints at specific days, so be sure to visit this page again if you are stumped!
NDB Riddle Me This Freeroll

To participate, you will need an account at Carbon Poker. The tournament is Sunday, January 26th @ 3:00 p.m. EST.

Solve the Riddle!

“Adorned with 26 colorful symbols, that many who view me cannot read. Adding structure to imaginations. What am I?”

HINT # 1 – The 26 symbols are the most common 26 symbols in the world. Can you spell easy? The answer is right in front of you! Figure out what they ‘adorn’ in this riddle and you will have your password.
HINT # 2 – Each of us has 6 faces. Some are plain, some or not. 26 symbols are not all we’ve got.
ANSWER! Childrens’ building blocks. The password is BLOCKS

What’s in it for you?

1. Genius Drawing – Players who solve the riddle can win more prizes.
2. ‘Spread the Word’ Drawing – Players who spread the word can win more prizes.
3. There are only 200 seats!

How do you spread the word? Share, like, pin, stumble, g+, comment. I keep track of active participants, and the more you share, the more times your name gets put in the hat!

Use the “SHARE” buttons floating on the right hand side of this page.

What are the prizes? You choose. Vote for your favorite prize, or suggest something completely different: NDB Prize Poll. (We will have at least six player’s choice prize packages worth $25 each to split between the Genius and Spread the Word drawings).

Know the Answer?

The password to the tournament is one word, all capital letters. If you think you know the answer to the riddle but can’t figure out the exact “word” that is the password, please email me. I’ll be happy to provide the password, if you know the answer to the riddle.

(Example: “What is black and white and ‘red’ all over?” Someone might say “the paper” or “a newspaper” or “daily paper”, when the word I am looking for is “NEWSPAPER”.)

Email: info@nodepositbonus.com

Completely Stumped?

-I will be sending out the password via email, ~24 hours before the tournament starts.
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-I will post the password on our Facebook, Titter and Google+ pages the day of the tournament.

Keep it a Secret!

While I expect we will eventually have all 200 seats filled, I do not expect everyone to figure out the riddle. So the fewer people who figure it out, the better chance you have of winning the “Genius Draw”. So, genius, don’t pass out the password and kill your odds of winning extra cash or prizes in the drawing. :)

Have Fun!


  1. one more sleep until hint 2 :-)

    • Haha! About to post it. :) Only two people have guessed the password, and one of them is registered. So I need to think of a pretty decent hint eh?


      • Hi James – answer was kids’ building blocks. Password: BLOCKS. Kid’s blocks have letters on them (the 26 colorful symbols). Most kids who play with blocks can’t read yet. They use their imaginations to build structures.

        Hint # 1 – confirmed for most people that the 26 colorful symbols were letters. They just needed to figure out what those colorful letters were decorating.

        Hint # 2 – Blocks have 6 sides. Some have decoration, some are plain. Blocks also have other decorations besides letters.

  2. Thanks NDB for the fun and games =)

    • Most welcome! This riddle has turned out a bit harder than I thought it would be, but we have some great riddle solvers out there who are not seated in the tournament.

      Another hint on Monday, Jan. 20th, should result in some more correct answers. :)

  3. Is the password in capital letters?

    • @TheCol – yes, one word, all capital letters. If you think you have solved it but can’t figure out the exact word I’m looking for, email me. Happy to give you the word, if you’re in the right ballpark.


    I think the answer is QUESTIONMARK

    • I can see how you came up with that answer, since all those letters are on the questionmark picture. Incorrect however. Besides, all those letters are “white”, and not colorful. :)

      I have had several people guess ‘questionmark’. That would have been pretty tricky, heh.

      Figure out what those ’26 symbols’ adorn and you’ve got the password.

      • Nice….I love riddles, never had the chance to solve one for a prize though. I had to hold it in the back of my mind for a few days and when I got tired of free rolls I pulled it out and chewed on it for a while. I actually thought of the answer a few times before actually trying it. Once I got it I had to slap my forehead. Cant wait till the tournament.

      • Grats Kevin! The tournament is on a Sunday afternoon, so I’ll probably do the ‘genius drawing’ on Monday. We’re up to 11 registrations as of this morning, and one of those is me, so 10 people have solved it. Smaller pool in the ‘genius draw’ means a better chance to win one of the drawings.

        This has been a lot of fun so far. Maybe I’ll do a “community submitted” riddle for the next one. Have members make up a riddle. Whoever’s riddle is used for the tournament gets some sort of gift, etc.

        Hmm…thinking cap “on”. Feedback always appreciated!

      • Great Riddle…took me a little while :)

      • Nice job sir! There are a LOT of people trying to solve it. Thank you for participating. :)

  5. WOW,just sitting watching tv and says read it again, finally it just comes to me……………

  6. i know the PW for the current NBD freeroll but it wont let me type it in like it says to type it

  7. Cant’t wait to see what the next clue will be. Therainman

    • Clue # 2 is up David. Hope that helps! If we don’t get a good number of solvers, I’ll probably go ahead and toss up another clue in a couple of days. Last I checked, we have 20 registrations. 1 is mine, so that’s 19 who have solved it. Not bad, but there are a LOT of people who have saw the riddle and gave it a whirl.

  8. therainman says

    oh, I was lucky enough to solve but it took awhile. I was just thinking you had a lot of ways to be clever.

    • Thx Rainman. I can’t get too puffed up though. It was easy to be clever since I already knew the answer the riddle. May you have continued good luck at the tournament Sunday. :)

  9. kevin
    it was a tough one, but I racked my brain for few days finally got it. hope to see more of these;, as much as I hated it, it was fun and the end when I got it

    • I’m glad you solved it Mason. That’s the thing with riddles. You hate them for giving you a headache, but when you solve them, the feeling is like finding that “clean” roadside gas station, after drinking a 36 ounce coffee…

  10. When is the genius drawing?

    • I’ll do the genius drawing on Monday, Jan 21st, unless providentially hindered… (The last drawing I did, my family had a stomach bug, so hopefully we avoid that, this time around!)

  11. I liked, tweeted, and google whatever to help spread the word! Thank you for the events you have
    including the monthly arcade contest.

  12. Mike(GGMU09) says

    Great riddle, great fun, can’t wait for the tourney! Thanks a bunch for the opportunity. See ya at the tables and good luck!

  13. congrats to all that solved the riddle.

    will there be another hint??

    i like no deposit bonus, thank you for every thing you do for your members.
    you all are an awesome group.
    good luck you guys see you there.

    • Keith Freeman says

      Hi Deborah,

      The password will be emailed out to everyone on our email list on Saturday. At the current rate of solvers, I think we should have close to 100 seats still available. I may post another hint, but to be honest, with 10-15 solvers per day after hint # 2, I don’t want to run the risk of someone sharing the pass, and then *bang* screws up our genius draw and so many players waiting patiently for the pass via email will get hosed as well.

      Sooooo, probably no new hints, but we’ll see how tomorrow looks. I might squeeze another one in, and everyone and their mama will get the password in ~48 hours. :)

  14. Ok; So I got the riddle and I have registered in the tournament. Is this all I have to do to make the “Genius Drawing?” Thanks for the the great contest and tourney by the way!

  15. ” I don’t want to run the risk of someone sharing the pass, and then *bang* screws up our genius draw and so many players waiting patiently for the pass via email will get hosed as well. ”
    I for one know it’s too late.. They are already sharing. :(

    • Hi 2sweet. I sent out the password via email, early Saturday morning, so at that point I’m sure the password was spreading all over the place. That’s one of the benefits to being on the email list. Early access to the password. I just logged in to post the passwords to facebook, here, etc., and am guessing all the seats are taken by now though.

      • Yeah? Ive been onthe email list for weeks and have been checking it hourly the past few days and it didnt show up I found the the pword today sunday on the the fbook.NDB freeroll page but you got so many excitied about this that reg was full..I know youve put lots of more time into this than i have ..but please get more seats available… and start a riiddle site maybe.

      • Hi Greg,

        I just checked and it shows the “NDB Riddle Me This – Solved!” email went to your inbox ~9:00 a.m. Saturday morning and was unopened. It may have landed in your junk mail?

        RE: seats – yes, I wish we had more than 200 seats. Interest in this tournament far exceeded some of our more recent events. That being said, with only $100 + rebuys/addons in the prize pool, if you have too many seats, it’s not worth playing the tournament, no?

        I will definitely have a higher than 200 seat limit for the next one though. Thanks for the constructive feedback!

        P.S. The vast majority of people enjoyed the ‘riddle’ aspect. It’s like clowns. Most people find them fun, but a number hate them with a passion (or are scared to death of them)…

  16. I know the answer it finally clicked and i can’t figure out the exact word i have emailed you several times please respond before the last 10 spots are filled. thank you


    woooot!!! woooot!!!!

    I won $25 wooopy!!!! Thanks so much NDB … :-)

    I am so pleased!!

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