NDB Survivor League 2016-2017

Everyone is welcome to sign up for our fantasy football survivor league. $100 to the winner and $50 to the runner up! The first game is September 6th, so you need to get registered by then. Nobody can join after 9/6, so don’t let this one slip by!

Good at picking football winners? Prove it!
Bet on Football at Bovada/Bodog

Join NDB Survivor League

1. You need an email account at yahoo.com, because our league runs on the Yahoo fantasy sports page. Come on. Dust off that old yahoo account!

2. Go here: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/

3. Click the “Join a Group” button

4. Enter our group ID number and password. (Group ID: 7815 – Password: wannabet). Click “Join Group”.

You are in!

Survivor Fantasy Football Explained

Each week you will just need to pick the winner of one game. That’s it! Sounds simple right?

If you pick correctly, congrats, and it’s on to next week. If your team loses, you get one strike. No worries, since you get 3 strikes! Once you get three strikes, you are out. The last player standing, the lone survivor, wins the league and the $100 prize.

So, who should you pick each week?

If you keep up with sports betting trends, you will have a great shot at picking a winner each week. I bet the NFL at Bovada during the football season, so I am usually pretty in tune with how the season is going for each team.

1. Create an account at Bovada
2. Check the weekly lines and odds before making your pick!

Speaking of Bovada…

They are offering players a 2016-2017 kickoff bonus of 100% up to $250 free. The offer starts August 22nd and is redeemable once per credit card. If you make your deposit using bitcoin, you can claim this bonus an unlimited amount of times!

Good luck!

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