NDB Texas Takeover

Texas Tycoon Slot Paytable
NDB members are invading Texas, figuratively speaking. Casino Titan is running a number of juicy Texas Tycoon slot tournaments this month with prize pools ranging from $3000 to $5000. Buy in is only $5 and a player can rebuy or add on if they have a little extra money in their account.

Myself and a few other NDB community members are taking a shot at these, hence the “Texas Takeover” reference. With slots, you never know what can happen, but wouldn’t it be lovely to see one of our fellow casino mates hit a nice score?

PASSWORD! All of these “Texas Tycoon” events are listed as restricted. The password for everyone single one of them so far has been TEXASTEA.

Join us at Casino Titan. You can get $20, no deposit required to get things rolling. Claim $20 Free at Casino Titan

Right now there is myself, mag423 and offrdmom in this particular screenshot. “Mag” was as high as # 3 yesterday, and both are very much in the running for top 3. Third place would pay $1000, so not a bad goal!


Yours truly (coachkf) is in dead last, but that’s with awful luck and just a $5 entry in this tournament so far. I plan to deposit and work up the leaderboard a bit in this or another Texas Tycoon event this month. So far I have played 2, and they keep adding these into my tournament lobby. I wonder how much money they plan to toss into these this month? Keep ’em coming Casino Titan!

Not a lot of people know about these events, as evidenced by only 13 people in this one with 2 days left. Buy in events like this tend to have very few players anyway, so $50 and some good luck could certainly turn into a much nicer payout.

MAG423 messaged me with some thoughts on these events so far…

-I left the tournament in 3rd place a few minutes ago.
-During my first add-on I won the Random Jackpot for $4,975.05 which really helped my score! That’s happened to me 3 times before.
-I had alot of trouble getting those oil wells, so I tried decreasing the bet then going back up (for just $100). I do that every time I play tours, it seems to help stir things up.
-Before I did the first add-on I wanted a different machine, so I cancelled out and then went back-in and I did much better than initially.

Here’s how to join the NDB Texas Takeover

1. You need an account at Casino Titan

2. Click the “Tournaments” button in the lobby after logging in.

3. Find any of the “Texas Tycoon” events listed.

Click them, enter the TEXASTEA password and you will be able to see the full event details, buy in, rebuy and addon amounts.


Email me if you join (info@nodepositbonus.com), so we can start tracking your results on our leaderboard.

Good luck!

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