Super Bowl XLIX Bet – Guaranteed to Win

As long as Super Bowl XLIX is NOT won by the Seahawks, Patriots or Broncos, my wager is guaranteed to be a winner. Granted, those three are in the top 4 teams, so my bets are still underdogs a bit, but history shows us that anything can happen in the NFL playoffs, so I like my chances.

You can see from the screenshot that I wagered a total of $38. (I know, you deep pocket sports players will chuckle). The smallest amount I can win is on the Dallas Cowboys, who beat the favorite Seahawks this season. I risked $5 to win $40. My biggest score would occur if the Baltimore Ravens win it all and I’d enjoy a $200 win for my $5 wager, or a 4000% ROI. Take that, stock market!


So, who am I pulling for to win the Super Bowl on February 2, 2015? Anybody but the SeaPatCos!

I am betting with the service at Bovada.LV (USA friendly). Canadian’s can bet with Bodog.

The playoffs start Saturday, Jan 3rd, so I got these bets in just under the wire. I am betting with Bovada.LV, as you might be able to tell from the screen grab. I love the long shot prop bets. I’m not a professional sports bettor. I’m more of a slots player, hoping for a couple of spins that pay off big.

Crazy Super Bowl XLIX Prop Bets

If you want to risk just a few dollars for a potential massive payoff, check out these NFL futures prop bets at Bovada.LV – These are exact matchup wagers. If you can simply pick the two teams that will face off in the Super Bowl, you can make some money. To get to the prop bets, after opening your Bovada account, go to Sports > NFL Futures and scroll down.

The Ravens vs. Panthers would pay the best at 125:1. A small $10 bet would win you $1250! I took a few of these. Some are not bad probabilities, for example Colts vs. Cowboys could very well happen, and it pays 45:1. Some football fans can no doubt find value in these outrageous prop bet payoffs.


Update – 1/5/2015

I found 7:1 odds on the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl over at, so I put down $10 to win $70. This brings my total “to win the super bowl” to $48 wagered. That means my Dallas Cowboy win is a slight loser (collecting only $40 if they win it). It was hard to pass up the Broncos at 7:1 though, as they are another of the top 4 teams.

Update 1/9/2015

Another guaranteed way to win money on a super bowl bet is to use someone else’s money. You can do that. I am giving away 3 or 4 free $50 bets on Super Bowl XLIX. 100% free to get into this drawing. Get all the details and get yourself into this free drawing: Free Bets for Super Bowl XLIX

Update 1/12/2015

The Broncos went down to the Colts, so I am now simply rooting against the “SeaPats”. I will be honest, I like the Colt’s chances against the Patriots more than I the Packers vs. Seahawks, what with Aaron Rodgers practically sitting in a wheelchair, 3 steps behind center.

Never count out the Green Bay Packers though. We are down to 4 great teams. I just hope I have a dog in hunt after this coming Sunday. Go Colts! Go Packers!

Update 1/19/2015

So sad! How did the Packers lose that game against the Seahawks? I had two dogs in the hunt yesterday, and am absolutely dog-less as it stands today.

It was a fun run, and always enjoyable playing those long shot props. Just sad that we have no Cinderella in this year’s Super Bowl.

Maybe we can find some crazy prop bet on the Super Bowl itself and salvage my $38 bet. We shall see!

Are you making any NFL wagers for the playoffs or the biggest game of 2015? Leave a comment and we can discuss!


  1. David Johnson says

    I put down $25 on the Bengals to win and if they win it all I’ll collect $1000!!!

    • Good stuff David. :) – I found a 7:1 on the Broncos to win, so I put $10 down to win $70. That brings my total to $48 bet. So I would be a small loser now if Dallas wins it all, but I think the Broncos have a better shot, so was hard to pass up 7:1. So at this point, I would be happy with anyone but the “SeaPats”, but would rather not see the Cowboys win either.

      Amazing how small wagers can make even the wild card games a lot of fun to watch!

    • Oh, and hate to see your $25 bet is already down in flames after the Bengal’s loss yesterday. There are still some crazy prop bets on the two sites I’m on (bovada and carbonsports)…

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