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Fancy yourself a well rounded futures bettor? We have three choices for you to make, with cash prize pool drawings to be distributed to good (or lucky) guessers! These choices are from three wildly different niches, so there is something here for everyone. There are $50 in cash up for grabs in each drawing, plus an additional $50 drawing at the bottom of this page. You can win multiple times, so make sure to get an entry into each one!

These drawings are sponsored in part by the following fine gaming sites. Please take a moment to sign up at one, and you will be doing our community a huge favor and ensure future cash contests!

Bovada (USA only!)
Bodog (Canadians Only!)

Carlton is on DWTS!

I grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. While Will Smith obviously had the moves, who knew Carlton could actually dance? He’s a part of the cast for Dancing With The Stars – Season 19, so the world will know soon enough.

The season premiere of Dancing With the Stars is September 15th @ 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

You Pick: Will Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) be eliminated before the end of September?

Super Bowl Preview?
broncos vs seahawks
I had money on the Denver Broncos during the last Super Bowl. What a let down! The Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks on Sept. 21st. Will it be sweet revenge for the Broncos, or another dominating performance for the Seahawks?

You Pick: Broncos or Seahawks for the win?

Dow Jones @ 17,100
dow jones graph
If you have money in stocks or a retirement account these days, you are probably well aware of the Dow’s continued bouncing around the 17,100 mark. As I write this post, the Dow was both below and above the 17,100 mark just today (Sept. 5).

So do what the briefcase carrying Wall Street crowd does and figure out whether we are looking at profits in September or a fat drop.

You Pick: Will the Dow Jones Industrial Average close above or below the 17,100 mark by close of business on Sept. 30th?

What You can Win & How You can Win It

Each wager has a prize pool of $50. Guess correctly and you will be in the drawing for that $50 cash award. That’s $150 total between all three, so if you guess each of them correctly, you stand to notch a nice win.

To get entered, simply email me with your guesses for each.

One Last Prize!

I will be tossing in another $50 for anyone who completes any of the following tasks. You can get up to two entries into this last $50 drawing:

1. Shares this page with a friend (likes, shares, tweets, emailing.. they all count. Just make sure to mention it in your email so I can enter your name in the drawing!)

2. Sign up an account at Bodog (Canadians) or Bovada (USA) and let me know your account ID when you email your guesses!)

Bodog only allows Canadian players and Bovada only accepts USA residents, so all is fair, since the entire world can qualify for 2 entries total.

If you sign up an account for either of these and are interested in betting on football futures, there are some very large payoffs for anyone who can guess the eventual super bowl winner this year. The payoff for guessing Seattle or Denver is not so good, but if someone like the Tennessee Titans come out of nowhere to win it all, then a $10 bet could net you a $1000 win.

Good luck to everyone and I look forward to fielding your picks!

View your entries online! Take a peek at my spreadsheet: You Pick – I Pay Entries

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