Pick Your Poison Monthly Drawing

What is your gambling favorite? Whether it is poker, casino, sports or horse betting, we hope to have a free account for you loaded with $25. I am drawing eight names from our newsletter community every month, and those lucky players will get a free $25 credit, real cash, on their Sportsbetting.ag account or Superior Casino account. You can play just about anything there, from … [Read more...]

Denver Broncos FTW! $$$ Giveaway

My Arizona Cardinals prop bet was a pretty big disappointment. I plan to make a few wagers on Super Bowl 50, and I want to open this to community suggestions. I have two wagers on right now, taking Denver +6 and Peyton Manning as the MVP. Here's what is in it for you. Any Profits are Given Away! Help me bet smart and any net profit will go to our community via the usual … [Read more...]

400 Reasons to Cheer for the Arizona Cardinals to win Super Bowl 50

If the Arizona Cardinals win Super Bowl 50, one of my crazy prop bets at Bovada will pay out $400, and I plan to share that with our community here. I have some guaranteed cash to give away, and then more if Carson Palmer and the boys pull this off. Congrats to Stacey W. and Bruce B. who won our two $25 prizes. Arizona survived against Green Bay, and earned these two members … [Read more...]

Cash for Christmas Drawing!

Ho Ho Ho! We're giving away $200 cash. You guys and gals who have been around here awhile know how these things work. A simple task to get into the drawing, and if you win, I send cash to Paypal, Amazon, or a check in the mail if I need to. Winners announced! The numbers correspond to the lines on the excel spreadsheet. 19 = Katerina 40 = cheryl 14 = Veronika … [Read more...]

Whose up for NFL Survivor League? ($100 Prize)

Do you think you can make 1 winning pick per week during the upcoming NFL season? That's what a fantasy "Survivor League" is all about. I'm hosting a private group, and you are invited. You have to be registered by Week 1 of the NFL season (Sept. 10, 2015) Go here: Yahoo Fantasy Sports (You need to be logged in to your Yahoo account, so dig up that old password!) Prize … [Read more...]