Giving Away my Winnings on Intertops!

I am currently #1 in the February Classic IV at Intertops “Classic” Casino. There are a lot of options at Intertops that are a lot more cutting edge, but I like the W-G-S software for the tournaments. These are like the Miami Club tournaments, except when I win, I can cash out to bitcoin. Huge advantage. The tournaments are Miami Club offer better payouts though, so I do enjoy both.

Bottom line, my ranking holds at Intertops for a couple more days, I will win $250. See my screenshot below.

Winners drawn! $10 bitcoin each. cambaby2, jakeu1, Jade, becsmi05, and momogirl. Emailing each of you. Congrats and thank you to everyone who dropped a comment and cheered me on!

I Am Giving Away…

If I win the thing, I’ll give away half in drawings ($125).
If I slip down the leaderboard or even bust out, I’ll pass out $50. That way you are not wasting your time joining this drawing.

Simple Name in the Hat Drawing

1. You need an account at Intertops. If you like people who give away winnings, please sign up your Intertops account through my 30 free spins promo, so I get some credit for referring you!

Intertops Casino 30 Free Spins

2. Comment below and let me know a nickname to drop into my hat.

My “hat” is a google spreadsheet. I have added a good number of you who commented below. Please take a peek and make sure you are on the sheet. Link:

Google Spreadsheet HAT

Top of the Leaderboard!

Ranking #1 in Intertops Tournament

Join Me on the Leaderboard!

If I am going to lose my top spot, I would rather it be one of you guys.

Join Me at Intertops! Select the Classic Casino and then the Tournaments section. You will find me on a number of leaderboards in any given month!

Good luck!


  1. Monique Somora says


  2. Good luck Keith and all! ll527ws

    • All that luck back at you! Come join me at Intertops and take a shot. :) – The buyins are only $3 on this site, compared to $5 at Miami Club. Just got to make sure you are playing a tourney that pays cash and not bonus.

      Thanks for participating!

  3. Thanks for another promo, registered via your link, user Proximoff
    hope we all win here =)

    • Thanks Kadfael and thank you for registering through the link. Intertops loves me more, the more traffic we send their way. The more they like me, the more stuff I can ask for in the future. Snowballin’ good times!

  4. Good luck!

  5. Jamee E Johnson says

    Wishing you well in your slots tournaments and looking forward to a piece of that winning pie you’ll be sharing!!!

    • Hi Jamee,

      I finished 5th. Shoulda checked the dang thing but did not get back to my PC before I had dropped to 5th. Ahh well, $50 being passed out shortly.

  6. Maria Ekman says

    Did loose, duh! But thanks for a moment of thrill!
    maydaymoon0…End of the name’s zero.

    • Hi Maria,

      I’ll try to place higher in a better tourney. 5th place in some other tourneys can mean a really nice win. Adding you to our draw. You got in just under the wire. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Michelle Hardwick says

    Hey Keith, like you I really like the WGS for tournaments so I always play at Intertops and Miami Club. I’ll join the tournament at intertops if I’m not already registered. My nickname for Intertops is Michellehardwic3, so I’d love to be put into your hat for the drawing. Good luck!

    • You got in the hat Michelle. I am about to draw, and your comment was ~3 hours before the tourney ended. :)

      Intertops are only $3, so you can rebuy a lot more. Again, you just have to make sure its cash payout and not bonus payout. Not sure why someone would pay to win bonus chips unless the wagering requirement was so low that it could be turn into cashable money very quickly.

  8. Michelle Hardwick says

    One more comment pertaining to freeroll tournaments. I always see invite only tournaments at Liberty and Lincoln, but I’ve only been pre entered into one of them. I can’t remember if it was Liberty or Lincoln. Anyhow I’ve never been pre entered again. I’m pretty sure I opened at least one of the two places through your link, but is there any way to get added now? My user ID is LC0307444667 at Lincoln and LS0407286398 at Liberty.

    • Those Liberty and Lincoln tourneys are put on by a site that is similar to ours. It’s nodepositbonus DOT CC. We are the “DOT COM”. I would like to eventually get freerolls from those two casinos, but we need to send a lot more referrals for consideration, unfortunately.

      Please shoot me an email. I would be happy to do whatever needs to be done so that your accounts are referred through the guys at , so you automatically get entered.

  9. Reemo-Gadgi

    • Hi Andrew. Just about 8 hours after this one close, unfortunately bud. I will be playing another one this month though, and I am quite fond of sharing winnings to keep things interesting around here.

  10. Congrats Keith, 5th place, not bad at all and it’s ‘cold hard cash!’


    • Aye, $25 in real money ain’t shabby. Cuts down on coming out of pocket for the whole $50 I will be drawing here shortly, heh.

      Wish me luck on the next one. If I ever win a million dollar jackpot or something, you guys are going to be happy you chatted with me. :)

  11. Marcos Rios says


  12. can i get in on this draw?please –

  13. funseeker says

    if you do a poker tournament, I will try to get some of my poker buddies over here… for you –anything!!!

    • I will take you up on that Funseeker!

      I’ve got several emails asking about poker, but have not had a lot of luck getting anything setup. I’ll try and if so, will reach out and see if you can get some friends to help boost attendance.

  14. Congrats to the winners!

  15. funseeker says

    Congrats to all the winners!! Best of luck with your future casino games Keith!!
    Re: poker, yep, keep my posted!

  16. I just thought, oh were you going to transfer person2person into our Intertops accounts, that would be supercool! My username is; debidug (not jade) if not, the wallet is also cool.
    Let us know if your gonna try another tournament @ Intertops, I for one will join you
    and I’ll keep my figers and toes crossed for all of us

    • Hi Jade,

      I do not think there is a player to player transfer option at Intertops, otherwise, I’d be happy to do that.

      Have you ever used bitcoin? It’s super simple. I will email you real quick with instructions.

  17. emailed you my bitcoin wallet address

  18. essey7…add me for hat…
    coachkf can you sent me bitcoin..I would like use bitcoin too..

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