Giving Away my Winnings on Intertops!

I am currently #1 in the February Classic IV at Intertops “Classic” Casino. There are a lot of options at Intertops that are a lot more cutting edge, but I like the W-G-S software for the tournaments. These are like the Miami Club tournaments, except when I win, I can cash out to bitcoin. Huge advantage. The tournaments are Miami Club offer better payouts though, so I do enjoy both.

Bottom line, my ranking holds at Intertops for a couple more days, I will win $250. See my screenshot below.

Winners drawn! $10 bitcoin each. cambaby2, jakeu1, Jade, becsmi05, and momogirl. Emailing each of you. Congrats and thank you to everyone who dropped a comment and cheered me on!

I Am Giving Away…

If I win the thing, I’ll give away half in drawings ($125).
If I slip down the leaderboard or even bust out, I’ll pass out $50. That way you are not wasting your time joining this drawing.

Simple Name in the Hat Drawing

1. You need an account at Intertops. If you like people who give away winnings, please sign up your Intertops account through my 30 free spins promo, so I get some credit for referring you!

Intertops Casino 30 Free Spins

2. Comment below and let me know a nickname to drop into my hat.

My “hat” is a google spreadsheet. I have added a good number of you who commented below. Please take a peek and make sure you are on the sheet. Link:

Google Spreadsheet HAT

Top of the Leaderboard!

Ranking #1 in Intertops Tournament

Join Me on the Leaderboard!

If I am going to lose my top spot, I would rather it be one of you guys.

Join Me at Intertops! Select the Classic Casino and then the Tournaments section. You will find me on a number of leaderboards in any given month!

Good luck!


  1. Carrie Paulson says

    Wasn’t sure if I was supposed to give you my forum or casino nickname, so here is both! lol

    cambaby2 C2877776

    Thank for the contest!

    • Hi Carrie,

      Great to have your join us! Did you know you were one of the first people to ever respond to one of my crazy giveaways and contests? Facebook picture contest… handmade sign and pic of your cat. That was 2013. Time flies!

      Oh, got you in the drawing. Best of luck. :)

      • Carrie Paulson says

        LOL, I would love to be around more often, I’n usually just busy at home between my daughter’s concert’s ( shes plays violin) and drill team and games, and homework,,,, wait- didn’t I already graduate High School??? lol
        Congrats on your win!!!!
        p.s.- come summer time, i intend to be around more often :)

      • Yea, with kids, it feels like I am reliving my childhood. My kids are soccer, gymnastics, etc. We home school, so that’s a little less of a burden.

        Looking forward to seeing you in our events as usual!

  2. Ok, more fantastic giveaways! Thanks for that. My nickname on Intertops is: kingaustin03 So drop that name in your hat…AND then pull it right out again and give me some free cash! ;) Thanks again for the great freebies. We do appreciate them!

  3. Disco Dustin Nieder says

    dnieder @ intertops

    This tourney strategy seems to be pretty solid huh?

    • Yea man. I’ll level with you though… I spent about $50 on this one, heh. I was a sucker for the “200 lucky beans”. I figured if I bet $9 or more per spin, then if I won something on the 200 lucky bean game, then it would be huge. So I deposited $50 and used most of it on rebuys.

      I got to 200 twice. Busted both times with no winnings. Blah. Better to ignore that and just spin and hope for free spin triggers.

  4. FF2016 IS MY NICKNAME and gl on your hopeful win

    • Thanks David. Wishing you luck in this drawing. I dropped to 2nd, and 3rd is nipping at my heels. I may bump the giveaway up a bit though, with a lot of people getting in. Thanks for participating!

  5. john quirke says

    hi keith
    Nice one hope you win.!
    good luck
    *jakeu1* intertops usname

    • Thanks John! I hope I do too. It’s really close between the top 3. Not sure if I should spin or just hang on to 2nd place. I may go for it and if I bust, at least I can say I tried.

  6. Alice park says


    Thats so generous! Thanks..goodluck everybody!


  7. crateday22

  8. Shaun Avery says

    Jaccuzzo, good luck

  9. George B III says

    Keith @ #1 Position …….EXCELLENT !

    Please put My Intertops Player Name in the Hat ;


    Thank You Keith ! And keep up the GOOD WORK @ Tournament !!!

  10. Cheryl R Jimenez says

    you are so lucky keith! it’s me Cheryl user name is CherylR @Classic Intertops Thanks doll~

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Hehe, actually, I am out about $50 to get that leaderboard spot. I don’t usually go that deep, but figured what the heck. Take a shot. :)

      Every month you see some of the same names on this leaderboard. I think players are bringing $50 to these things and just playing until they hit a good position. Makes me think one could see a profit with the right strategy and bet sizes.

  11. Put me in the hat Keith.
    I love Intertops and I think I’m falling in love with this site, ‘No Deposit Bonus .com!’
    I already have an account.

    • Jade in the hat! Thanks for participating and your comment. :)

      If it weren’t for member responses, I would never do these. It would get old talking to myself, ya know? Love when I can do a promo and have some fun with you guys. Feels like a radio station disc jockey… “right now, caller 10!”

  12. Great job Keith, my username at Intertops is MTCashman1


    • If I can manage to pull your name, you will no longer be “MTCashman”. We’ll have to rename you “IBNCashman”…

      Good luck bud. Thanks for the comment!

  13. Aleks V Legacy says

    I would definitely like to be in the drawing!
    Wow.. its awesome Keith – Great to see you winning. Best of Luck! I am gonna share this post with Twitter, Google, and Facebook!!

    :) Include me – Nickname Playaboii

    – Aleks V Legacy

    • Got you in the hat Aleks. Thanks for sharing. I might have to toss in something special for the share. That’s so helpful! We grow the community and participation, our prizes grow.

  14. Ha! Good luck, Keith. I’ve been playing some tournaments lately, not getting anywhere, though.

    My intertops nick is Kapis50.

    • Got you in the hat JR. Question… did you join Full Tilt in ’09? Guessing so from your email addy. So sad to see that site gone. Hope you got your balance back. I am still waiting. Since I was a marketer/advertiser, I will be lucky to get anything. Doh!

  15. funseeker says

    I’m always ‘IN’ to win mooollllaaaaaaaa Thaks Keith!

  16. funseeker says

    Great job on your #1 position Keith, I’m sure you will win!! awesome!

  17. maxime lajeunesse says

    hi, im KAMUTKAMUT! at intertops

    • Hello Maxime! Got you in the hat. How did you come up with your nickname? Is that French-Canadian for “butt kickin’ poker player”?

      Sorry… it’s late. I’ve been up for ~18 hours. Getting a little punchy.

  18. Lisa Watson says


    • Hat.

      :) – Good luck! However, if you win, I will require at least one sentence on any topic you choose.

      I really am joking, so don’t take this seriously. Thank you for joining our little community here and I look forward to interacting with you for these promos. I added you to G+!

  19. My log in name is Dosena
    My tournament name is HaHaIBeatYou


  20. Username is LuckyNiki….the 30 spins wouldn’t work for me though 😔

    • Added your name to the spreadsheet.

      Can you shoot me an email on the 30 free spins? Did they give you a reason why they didn’t work? I’ll be happy to get to the bottom of it. Intertops is pretty “stand up”. Emailing you now!

  21. mark pechac says

    USER NAME mpechac longtime member how about some poker tornments

    • Great to hear from you Mark. I’ll ask, my friend, on the poker tourneys. I would happily fund them.

      Let me see what I can get going. We just don’t have a lot of poker traffic these days, so a lot of the gaming sites aren’t interested in running anything for us…

  22. Very nice Keith! Hope it holds up for you, best of luck!
    PokrCwby on Intertops Casino!

  23. I would like to Join but I live in Washington State.

    • Hi Sanda,

      Hmm, I can make this work. Where do you, pray tell, play online as a Washington St. resident? Kentucky is one of the states that get blocked a lot, and since I am just south of that, I get stuck here and there, and have to prove my IP is Nashville…

      Emailing you.

  24. Erik Laugeson says

    good luck Keith i hope you get 1st on leaderboard. potfan42o

  25. Rebecka Smith says

    I like people who give away winnings. Good luck becsmi05

    • It’s catchin’! It’s better to give than to receive, right? Well, it feels good anyway. Here’s to the other guys on the leaderboard failing spectacularly!

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