I’m covering buy ins. Join me!

Miami Club Casino has a $5000 tournament with a first prize of $2500 cash. I am currently in 8th place. I would love to have some of you guys and girls join me, so I am willing to cover a few buy ins here. There are a couple of stipulations for how to deposit, but besides that, its a no strings attached offer. Read on if you want to join me in this tournament.

Here’s what you need:

1. An account at Miami Club. Please support our community here by using this referral link:
Miami Club $10 Free Chip

2. I much prefer to send the buy-ins to bitcoin. That’s where all my gaming cash is.
Never used bitcoin? I can give you a 5 minute walkthrough and have you setup in minutes. Just email me and ask! info@nodepositbonus.com

3. You need to be honest. I will be sending you bitcoin, which I am trusting you to deposit to Miami Club, as opposed to spending it on drugs or strippers.

About the Miami Month Long

The buy in is $5 and rebuys are $5. I am thinking that between the $10 free chip and an additional amount I send to members, that will be a nice shot at hitting something good on the leaderboard. (Read to the bottom of this post to find out how to get my money!)

Name: Miami Month-Long Tournament
Game: King Tiger
Date: 1st – 30th November
Buy in: $5.00
Rebuy: $5.00
Prize: $5000 ($2500 first prize)
All players

Top 10 on my First Buy In!

I am currently sitting in 8th place. That would be a $50 payout if nobody passes me. The good money is in the top 5 though. Here’s a screenshot of my standing as of this post:

Miami Month Long

Want a buy in? Here’s How:

1. Comment below on this post and ask. (Speak Your Mind section)
2. Email me to make sure I see it. info@nodepositbonus.com

If I’m passing out money in $5’s and $10’s, you can imagine how quickly this can add up, so please shoot me an email ASAP, before I have to call it to a halt.

Join me at Miami Club! Looking forward to some company on that leaderboard!


  1. Charles Waddle says

    I love Miami Club…..WGS Tech is one of my favorites ive hit 2500 in one spin for 5 bucks last month in a tpurney. With this software when it rains it POURS! Ill email ya my bitcoin wallet info

  2. Hi I’d like the free buy in pleaeeeeeese bored badly

  3. Carrie Paulson says

    Am I too late? I would LOVE to play and I have used bitcoins before… Emailing you now- thank you!

    • Hi Carrie,

      Now here is a blast from the past! Did you know you were the first person who responded when I started our facebook page? :) – I did not see an email from you. Did you message me on FB?

      At any rate, happy to give you the $11 in bitcoin to get one buy in and one rebuy on this event. Give me a shout! info@nodepositbonus.com

  4. Jeremia fisher says

    I w would live to join u sir

  5. jerry fisher says

    count me in

  6. I play at Miami all the Time! I am definitely down to get in on this tournament for sure. Now and then i hit the slot freeroll leaderboards at Miami… You may see my online name: Playaboii – pop-up on some tourneys… :)

    Anyhow, will send you email with details and my btc wallet address. I may just pass up in the ranks. :)-

  7. Brittney Harris says

    Hi, I was wondering if it’s too late to get in on this offer? I love playing the tournaments and it would great to get a decent shot at a place in the top 10

  8. William Hull says

    I’ve been on the fence about asking for a stake in this one since you were so kind as to stake me in some recent ACR poker tourneys. I waited before asking to give others a chance first but if there’s anything left I’d like to take a try at it also.

    I’ve been playing at Miami Club for awhile now and after being unable to cash a check issued by a Canadian bank from another online casino I am glad to hear Miami Club is now accepting bitcoin.

    I see you’re still in 8th place. Hopefully you can hang in there till the end of the month.

  9. I was wondering if you saw my email about my bitcoin address :’]

    thanks so much…

  10. Tina Norris says

    I’m I to late

  11. Charity Rexroade says

    I too would love to join you . I am gonna need the quick intro to bitcoin though .

  12. I would love for you to cover my buy-in. I didn’t realize how amazing Miami club casino really is but I have yet to see any other online casino do this for their players. Please will you cover my buy in?

    • I got to you too late for November, but looks like they are running it again in December. I just emailed you. Happy to send you a stake for the December event. :)

  13. Aleks V Legacy says

    I sent u mail few days back but no reply, thought i also posted here but i dont see myself lol… if it aint too late i am down! Count me in… I play there all the time too. Its Aleks V Legacy (Red Stag Review) – I am fairly good at slots actually i think… better watch out Keith i may pass you up in the ranks lol

    • Hi Aleks! Thanks for joining as usual. $11 was sent on Nov. 28th, so hopefully not too late for you to join in. Worst case, just join the December “Miami Month Long”.. looks like they are doing it again. Maybe because so many people joined from here?

  14. hi all,

    try to communicate for almost 2 weeks now and after i was told to get the free 11 for the tournament i just bin egnored. not even a mail to explaine what so ever. not used to this kind of behaviour on this blog.
    but i really think this way to treat your followers SUCK.


    • Hi Frenky. Not ignored… just got way to busy and I had a ton of people ask for the bitcoin, obviously. I sent over $11 as promised and I hope you were able to enjoy the tournament!

  15. I would love to join in. I have coin base and bTc can be sent to godzamongKingz@gmail.com

  16. love that casino ill play

  17. How do these tournaments work?, I’ve played a lot of slots in my time but never a tournament. Is the leaderboard rank based on whos won the most or whos bet the most?


    • Hi Dimitri (Sam) – The slots tournaments at Miami Club are the “protect those chips” variety. I outlined some tips a long time ago on this post:
      http://www.nodepositbonus.com/casino-strategy/what-to-expect-from-a-slots-freeroll/ (Scroll down to slot freeroll format #2).

      My strategy with these is pretty simple. I plan to spend $10-$20 per tournament. I buy in for the $5, and increase my bet per spin so that I am betting ~$12.50 per spin. You start with $100 in credits. As soon as I get under $5, I rebuy for another $5 and get another $100. I always keep an eye on the leaderboard. If I hit top 5, I stop and let others play catch up, because top 5 usually pays pretty well. Places #6-10 in the “month longs” usually pay $50, so I am happy if I am that range for $20 or less spent.

      A couple of other notes:
      – The reason for betting bigger is simple. The more times you bet, the more you lose to the house edge over time. Bet bigger, so that when you hit a free spins bonus or a nice line, it is enough to vault you into the top 10.
      – I usually bet ~10% of my stack. So if I have $100 or less, then I bet the $12.50. If I increase my stack to $200+ I’ll consider increasing to $18.75 per spin, etc.
      – My goal is to land in the top 10 for $20 or less. I have actually been doing that pretty consistently with this strategy.

      I suspect that the “best” way to play is just to bet the maximum the machine allows, and come prepared to spend $50 to $100. If you are getting, say, 2 spins for each $5 buyin ($50 spins), then $100 will get you 40 spins. That’s giving you a pretty good chance at hitting a nice free spin game or multi-line win, and with your wager set to $50, it would notch you pretty high on the leaderboard. These things pay cash to the winners, so the monthly winner is making a killing.

      I have been happy with my $12.50 to $18.75 per spin strategy, though, because its giving me a positive ROI, and I am a cheapskate!

  18. Steven Van Buren says

    Sent you email Keith hope you got it!! Kindly Kidd

  19. Carmenlisa V says

    I been always playing at Miami, I’m so down with it, never used bitcoin there but I DO have bitcoin address, where I been? Am I like hella late?!? infinite.scripts@gmail.com

    • Hi there Ms. Carmenlisa V. :)

      Never too late, since Miami Club does these “Miami Month Longs” every month. Shoot me an email, please, and I’ll see about sending over some bitcoin so you can try it out. I just added you on G+. Feel free to add me back. Thanks!

  20. I would like to get in on offer. Gonna need a refresher on bitcoin

  21. I want in…. send me the codes

  22. I would like to get in on the offer how do i get in?

  23. Hey coach, I love playing at Miami and would love to get in on one of the tournwys if still possible thanks
    I will say that I don’t know much about bitcoin or how to go about this

    • Thanks for the email and message Ron. I have emailed you back, and would love to get you setup at Miami Club! I am already on the leaderboard for the February 2017, Miami Month Long. (KeithF)

  24. Anthony Haren says

    Hey again lol! Would love to try out the Miami month long in February as well! Thanks bud!

    • Emailed you! I’d be happy to help you with both Intertops and Miami Club. Give me a shout back via email and we’ll get started.

      • hey there are you still playing at miami club i play there often i came in second in there freeroll keno last month.

      • Nice! I am on their slots tournaments every month. “KeithF”

        I have finished top 10 in several for $10 to $50 winnings following my formula. :)

        I wish they would cashout to bitcoin. That’s my only complaint.

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