I’m covering buy ins. Join me!

Miami Club Casino has a $5000 tournament with a first prize of $2500 cash. I am currently in 8th place. I would love to have some of you guys and girls join me, so I am willing to cover a few buy ins here. There are a couple of stipulations for how to deposit, but besides that, its a no strings attached offer. Read on if you want to join me in this tournament.

Here’s what you need:

1. An account at Miami Club. Please support our community here by using this referral link:
Miami Club $10 Free Chip

2. I much prefer to send the buy-ins to bitcoin. That’s where all my gaming cash is.
Never used bitcoin? I can give you a 5 minute walkthrough and have you setup in minutes. Just email me and ask! info@nodepositbonus.com

3. You need to be honest. I will be sending you bitcoin, which I am trusting you to deposit to Miami Club, as opposed to spending it on drugs or strippers.

About the Miami Month Long

The buy in is $5 and rebuys are $5. I am thinking that between the $10 free chip and an additional amount I send to members, that will be a nice shot at hitting something good on the leaderboard. (Read to the bottom of this post to find out how to get my money!)

Name: Miami Month-Long Tournament
Game: King Tiger
Date: 1st – 30th November
Buy in: $5.00
Rebuy: $5.00
Prize: $5000 ($2500 first prize)
All players

Top 10 on my First Buy In!

I am currently sitting in 8th place. That would be a $50 payout if nobody passes me. The good money is in the top 5 though. Here’s a screenshot of my standing as of this post:

Miami Month Long

Want a buy in? Here’s How:

1. Comment below on this post and ask. (Speak Your Mind section)
2. Email me to make sure I see it. info@nodepositbonus.com

If I’m passing out money in $5’s and $10’s, you can imagine how quickly this can add up, so please shoot me an email ASAP, before I have to call it to a halt.

Join me at Miami Club! Looking forward to some company on that leaderboard!


  1. I do

  2. David Johnson says

    Totally on board with this. Making an account right now
    David Johnson

  3. I want in!!!

  4. Jane Anders says

    Hello. I would love to be in on this tournament at MIAMI. I do not have a bitcoin account.

    • Hi Jane. I would love to see you on the leaderboard. How have you been? RE: bitcoin – I’ll email you this evening. I can have you setup for bitcoin in minutes.

  5. Can i be in the month long tournament at Miami Club Casino!! I will surely win!!

    • Like you confidence. :) – I have got to say, getting into the top 10 wasn’t too difficult. I deposited a meager $35 with bitcoin and got to #8 on my first $5 buy in.

  6. maxime lajeunesse says

    No problem , lets win the pot

    • Good to see you Max. This isn’t poker, but I am sure you will find some winning strategy. To be honest, mine has always been to just come with 5 or 6 buy ins, and bet big. In this case, I was making $25 bets per spin and you only start with $100. But, if you hit a free spins reward or a decent line, you’ll jump up on the leaderboard where you want. Since the house as the edge in slots, it doesn’t really help to bet lots of small bets. That’s my .02

      Oh, and yes, email me so I can send a stake. You have bitcoin?

  7. Ron Postoak says

    Thx for sharing,I will give u all my energy to hopefully make a run to the top.Ship it for the plebs.

  8. George B III says

    George B.III

    • Hi George. I am hoping to move up towards the end of the month. It would be nice to win the $50, but honestly, much nicer to hit top 5, if I have some luck.

      Working through the emails now and will pop a message back.

  9. Let in please thanks

  10. James Erickson says

    I would love to join you in NDB domination!!!!!

  11. I want in. I play their freerolls daily. It has been a while since I deposited so that link for the 10 may not work for me. I have had an account at Miami Club for at least 1-2 years now. They are one of my favs and love their platform as well. I have always been curious about bitcoin. A tutorial would be splendid!

    • No sweat on the existing account. I’ll email a quick tutorial on bitcoin. It is soooo dang easy to deposit and withdraw compared to any other method I’ve used.

      • Kevin Suess says

        Ha I’m such a knucklehead! It just occurred to me that I had asked you on this thread for bitcoin help. Had a bit of deja vu mestaging you on the bitstarz promo. The search begins!

  12. I love it..

  13. Chris A. Smith says

    I would love to enter this tournament and try to take the top spot. I play the daily
    freeroll often. Let’s do this.

    • Sounds good Chris. I am piling through emails now. Email me with a bitcoin wallet address, if you have not done so already and I’ll get some moolah over to you.

  14. john quirke says

    ok i’m in

  15. Terri Watley says

    I would love to meet you in the tournament!!

  16. Hello. I would love to be in on this tournament at MIAMI. I do .

    • Sounds good Starynn. Can you email me, if you have not already done so? We’ll get the bitcoin thing rolling. :)

      • George B III says:

        November 15, 2016 at 10:29 am

        “GOOD LUCK !”


      • Hi Starlynn,

        $11 sent on Nov. 28th, so just under the wire, so to speak. I hope you did well and look forward to seeing you in more events down the road. Stay tuned!

  17. Michelle Hardwick says

    I think it’s an offer I can’t refuse. I’ll sign up now, thank-you for your generousity

  18. I wouldn’t mind trying it out, downloading Miami Club now… and sending an email, Thanks for sharing!

  19. VeronikaBejsovcova says

    Hi,Keith,I want to also add me to you in the rankings Winner…

  20. judith ortiz says

    me i want in. please

  21. brian mcclatchey says

    Hello Keith, 1st of all I,m SUPER stoked for you on your placing in the tourney! (im still not sure what place you ended up getting in the end.) But I am hoping you made 5th+ since you said thats where the payouts got significantly better. Anyways, I’d be VERY interested going for the GOLD and taking a tourney like this down for the ‘W’ by just acquiring a little ‘RUN GOOD’ and just adding my ‘A’ game to that! Anyways, I’d be VERRRY grateful to you for the opportunity! My email btw is b.mcclatchey86@gmail.com, and I’ll try and make sure i send you a duplicate of this message via email. Ty soo much for these awesome ‘promos/ giveaways’.

    Brian McClatchey

    • I’ll be looking for the email Brian. I was 8th last night. That tournament is a moving leaderboard. Basically with every spin you are moving up or down in chip count. So I was holding in 8th, and forcing other players below me to try to catch up. Final leaderboard will look radically different by Nov. 30th when the tournament ends, but hoping to move up. :)

  22. susan ciliska says

    oh me too please and thank :)

  23. Angela Prerost says

    I’m in !!!!

  24. Hey Keith I want in !! Is it too late? I’ll have to create a bit coin iaccount though

  25. may I get a stake for the tournament?

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