Jackpot Celebration! Free Bitcoin.

You have no doubt heard the story of Hansel and Gretel, correct? Bitstarz has a slot game with that title, and someone hit a very nice score. I’ll paste the press release below, but cutting to the chase, a player won $64,818 in a single spin. It wasn’t one of our community members, but any time someone hits a huge win, I am all for a little celebration. Besides, I love Bitstarz and don’t mind spreading the word. They have the fastest cashouts, bar none!

Two Free Offers

1. If you are new to Bitstarz, you get 20 free spins, on the house. No deposit required.

Sign up at Bitstarz

2. New and old players alike can get in on this $100 bitcoin giveaway to deposit at Bitstarz.

Simple drawing! Get your name in the hat up to three times:
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– Comment at the bottom of this page about your experience, if any, with bitcoin and bitcoin related casinos. Post questions about bitcoin. Anything related to bitcoin. Let’s conversate! (Did I just make up a word?)

Email me and let me know which of the actions you took. I am hoping all three of course, but if you want to limit your chances to win, that’s up to you. :)

My email: info@nodepositbonus.com

Here is a link to the “hat” if you want to make sure your name is listed with the appropriate number of entries: Jackpot Celebration Drawing – Entries List

Drawing Prizes

Winners! Geoff K, Leslie B, Heidi B, Jane A, and Mike T. Congrats to all five, and a special thank you to everyone who commented and shared. I look forward to paying more winners with our next contest!

5 x $20 Bitcoin prizes. If you have never used bitcoin, now is a great time to learn how easy it is. Post your questions in the comments, or email me directly. I can help you set up your first bitcoin wallet in under 5 minutes.

Drawing Date: Let’s do this at the end of July. That’s a Monday, and Mondays normally suck, right? So 5 people will have a less sucky Monday, since they’ll win $20 bucks.

Good luck. Share, tweet and comment. Thank you!

Bitstarz Casino 20 Free Spins

Oh, and here is a link to the press release about the lucky son of a gun who took home $64,000! Bitstarz Big Winner – Press Release


  1. Been playing bitcoin poker for 3 or 4 years now. SWC Poker, Nitrogen and Betcoin Poker. All have proven VERY reliable. Timely payouts, ZERO issues and Betcoin has access to all of WPN’s tournaments. Its the best way to go in my opinion. I tweeted, facebooked and commented on this! Let’s win some dough!

    • Thanks Geoff. Yes, bitcoin has made deposits so easy. It’s even easier than when we had Neteller (now that is reaching back 10+ years!). Thanks for sharing!

    • Neil Zelkin says

      The Bitcoin has open many new doors for people to make hassle-free deposits in order to enjoy online poker or casino gambling. However the drawback is the currencies volatility on a day to day even hour to hour basis. Thus, it is an excellent option for a quick transaction but unless you’re a long-term investor of the Bitcoin it is very risky to hold on to them for longer than you have to.

      • Very true Neil. I know its down a couple hundred over the past 24 hours. That being said, its 10% loss. So, if you have $50 in bitcoin, then you are down $5 bucks.

        So, small amounts, move money in and out quickly, and avoid the volatility.

        I actually don’t mind the volatility. It’s normally trending UP. I just don’t sell or move it to cash on a dip. Wait until its bumping higher, most of the time….

  2. Greig Ian allan says

    great bonuses, slots , and great fun to play?

    • Hi Greig,

      Thanks for your comment. Have we met? :) – Feel free to email me. I have you down for 1 entry, for the comment. If you can email and let me know if you were able to share and tweet, I can definitely put you down for 2 more entries.

      Great to have you join our community and good luck in this drawing!

  3. Isha alharbi says

    I love bition i need some moolah

    • Hi Isha,

      Seems moolah is always in short supply, eh? :) – Good luck in the draw. If you shared on facebook or tweeted (or both), please email me so I can make sure to give you credit for 3 entries and not just one.

  4. Leslie Bowman says

    I have used Bitcoin quite a lot and I haven’t ever had any issues with any of the sellers nor any of the transactions that I have made. It is an easy to use process that even I figured out!! LOL Set up a wallet and it’s fairly self explainatory from there.
    Thank you again Keith for another chance at some free Bitcoin to use at one of the many, many sites that allow it to be used for a deposit now (and withdrawals too!!)
    aka jumboscampi

    • Thanks for the feedback Leslie. Yes, so exciting to see as more and more sites get into bitcoin, and not just for deposits.

      I was really disappointed there for awhile in the Deckmedia sites (ie. Slotocash, Miami Club) because they would let us load on bitcoin, but then you had to wait on the pony express to deliver a check, from Canada, then send it back to Canada via the pony express to get it cashed, so on and so forth. Bitcoin is such a better way, once you have your accounts setup.

  5. I love Bitcoin. Super quick cash outs. Mostly instant. Def the way of the future!!!

    • Thanks for the feedback Nikki. Were you able to share and tweet as well? I just want to make sure I didn’t miss any of your entries. Always great to see your name go into the hat! Good luck. :)

  6. Thanks for another great giveaway! I love bitcoin and bitcoin casinos. I have not yet deposited at Bitstarz, but have been considering it for a while now! I have had pretty good luck with btc dice games, but not so much yet with slots. Best of luck to all!

    • Hi Jay,

      My only problem with Bitstarz is, as the value of bitcoin jumps, it’s harder for me to play slots without thinking about how much I am spending with each pull of the 1-armed bandit. I like the Goblins game, and with bitcoin ~$1200 or so, then its a buck or so per spin. But when bitcoin closes in on $3000, then it is a lot more.

      I suspect that as bitcoin goes up, they will probably let you bet smaller and smaller increments. Anyway, just some thoughts..

      Thanks again for sharing, commenting, etc.!

  7. Rebecka Smith says

    Bitstarz is a great website the games are very fun.

  8. Bitcoin…easiest deposit/cash out EVER!

    • Love it! And I know some folks worry about fluctuation of value, but if you are moving money “through” bitcoin exchanges and not leaving it in wallets, its not much to worry about.

  9. Already tried bitcoin related gaming site once for sportsbetting, went from 0.01 to 0.3BTC and lost it trying to win 1BTC, was fun though.
    Thanks for new promos, will also post about it on my social networks (not FB/Tw).

    • Thanks Kadfael,

      .01 BTC to .3 is a nice jump. In the current value, that’s like taking $25 and building it up to ~$750. Nice!

      I appreciate you sharing. I added three entries for you. Good luck!


  10. Jane Anders says

    On the subject of bit*Starz casino. I enjoyed every minute of it there. The slots were fun. I went in with very little in bitcoin but managed to play a long time. I had a little bit of interaction with customer service and found nothing to complain about. They were very nice and patient, and didn’t make me feel like they were doing me a favor helping me.
    And as for using bitcoin….it’s really easy to setup your account. Probably a lot of people will not use all the security bells and whistles, but I did. It takes me about 1 minute longer to log in using this method rather than going without a lot of security. It’s just a matter of following each instruction as it comes to you. Depositing for the 1st time using bitcoin was kind of confusing (for me) but the people at the casinos are ‘up’ on this method and are very happy to walk you through it…just let them know you are a newbie.
    That’s about all I have, except to say THANKS to Keith for all he does for this group. You are appreciated! Good luck everyone!!!

    • Thanks for the kind words Jane. :) – I definitely use the security features as well. I also keep a paper file with the passwords, etc. – Just makes good sense. Who wants to win a nice chunk of money, only to get it hung up because they forgot their password!

  11. heidi bryan says

    I wish I could send this out to every bitcoin accepying casino on the Net. When the price on bitcoin started really going up in the last two months, I started taking second looks at bonuses I was getting in my inbox from various casinos with “200% plus 50 free spins with a deposit of 20/usd , €20 or 0.05 btc”. As the price of bitcoin went up I guessed I assumed that they would adjust the bitcoin amounts, but it has gone up ,up and away and they have not. I actually once adjusted the btc amount for a bonus like the one I used for an example to $20 worth of btc thinking theyd honor it, silly me. I would just like them to know how many bonuses Ive turned down because of this problem

    • Agreed. They have been slow to adjust bonuses or even wagers per spin, as the price of bitcoin has went up. I am leery about playing a lot per spin, just because I am a cautious gambler, I suppose. Therefore, when the price of bitcoin skyrockets, some of the games I won’t touch.

      I am sure they will correct though. They gotta, especially if bitcoin jumps to $3000+….

  12. Michelle Hardwick says

    I love your Bitcoin promotions Kieth. Ever since I started participating in your promotions, Bitcoin is my main option when depositing at any casino online. It’s fast, easy and reliable. I always look forward to your next fun promotion, and who doesn’t love a little free $$ to play thier favorite games. And this promotion is especially great because July 19th is my birthday, so if I win a prize that will make it an extra happy birthday. Good luck all Bitcoin depositors.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Happy early b-day and thanks for your comment! From the moment I tried bitcoin, I was floored by how good a solution it was for USA residents. It was always such a nightmare to get deposits on and like birthing a child to get any wins home. (I am a guy, so I don’t really know about birthing a child, but have been by my wife’s side for 3)… – At any rate, casinos that don’t do bitcoin for deposits AND withdrawals are getting left behind. :)

  13. traci seaman says

    I’ve used bitcoin one time with your help and had fun but I’m still confused about it…. So hopefully I win again and learn to feel more at ease with it.

    • Thanks Traci! – It is so easy, once you have it setup. If I helped you the other time, then I am sure I helped you setup a blockchain account.

      To deposit your own money, it is an easy additional step of creating an account at a bitcoin exchange site that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin from your bank or credit card. That’s also the key to getting money home if you win. You need place that you can exchange your bitcoin for your country’s currency as of now, though I suspect that a few years from now, you might be able to use bitcoin at standard brick and mortar stores.

      Let me know if you have specific questions. Email me or post them here.

  14. Gabriel Chan says

    Bitcoin is awesome! FAST SWEET NO COMPLICATIONS!! Just confirm that transaction! ALLS SWELL AND GOOD AFTER!

    • Amen Gabriel,

      One interesting note is that when you send money somewhere, you have the option to increase the amount you are willing to pay as the “miner fee”. If you slide that up a little bit, you will find your transaction confirms faster. :)

  15. Hey Keith, thanks for another great offer, I shared/retweeted everywhere. I only have experience depositing with bitcoin, and once you learn the ropes it is very easy to do. Have a good week sir :).

    • Thanks Mike!

      I am looking forward to the day when you ask me how to get money OFF of a casino via bitcoin. Once you win, let me know. Getting money home is just as easy, once you have your accounts setup.

      A good week to you as well!

  16. Carrie Paulson says

    I have used Bitcoin, I still get nervous when buying it from strangers, and although people say that it is instant, there have been more than one occasion it took a while longer- Perhaps when I understand it more i will embrace it much easier :)

    shared and shared!


    • Hi Carrie,

      I considered using the various bitcoin services where you meet someone and trade them cash for bitcoin or the other way around. I have never done that though. I just use an exchange like coinbase, where I can buy bitcoin with my bank account or card, and sell it as well, sending the money right back home.

      Takes the concern out, when it is a popular exchange doing the buying and selling. :)

  17. erik laugeson says

    I love bitcoin its the new online money and its here to stay

    • Agreed Erik. I have considered dabbling in a couple of other ‘e-currencies’, just to see if I can buy and hold and see a return. I remember when Ether was ~$10 per coin. Currently like $200 and reached much higher a month ago. You just have to be ok with a lot of volatility.

  18. raymond whitehouse says

    bitcoin has made it much easier and faster to deposit and withdraw ! plus there are of bunch of places that offer big bitcoin deposit bonuses !

  19. barb golden says

    bitcoins have made online gaming a lot easier to move money around . ignition casino offers 150% bitcoin deposit bonus bovada too ! plus you are able to make much larger withdraws via bitcoin.

  20. frederick palangi says

    hi keith ,
    i havnt used bitcoins yet , going to try today , where do you buy yours from ?

    • Heya,

      I use coinbase to buy/sell bitcoin. I transfer to blockchain dot info to transact with the gaming sites though. Coinbase does not like you to transfer to or from gaming sites directly.

  21. jimmy owl says

    love bitcoins !!! sign me up !!! i feel lucky !!

  22. Readdyred says

    Not used it yet but when the b’s is gotten rid everything it a great game.

  23. Love playing but not rich so can’t play a lot. I tweeted, shared on Facebook now commenting at bottom of paige8

  24. mike jones says

    i signed up didnt get the free spins . but enter me in the drawing for the bitcoins , need some …lol

  25. trishia terry says

    do you like bitstarz ? i signed up got the 20 free spins , got like 1.20$ out of it . thanks for the spins but theres no way i would ever deposit there . bitcoins are a great way to make deposits and cashouts with online gaming . very fast and very easy once you learn how to use them .

    • Hi Trishia,

      Well, I hate you only got a buck out of the free spins. That’s not much! I agree with you on bitcoin though. Such a breath of fresh air, to be able to transact with online casinos and poker rooms without having to wait 6 weeks on a check you have trouble cashing because its on a bank in another country, etc..

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